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King’s Divine Intervention: 9 Underprivileged Thai Schools Receive Unprecedented Royal Patronage – A Potential Education Renaissance Begins!

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In a game-changing move to uplift the educational prospects for underprivileged children in Thailand, a new cohort of nine schools was welcomed into the esteemed umbrella of royal patronage. The honorable Education Minister, Trinuch Thienthon, declared this auspicious development on a Monday.

An official announcement detailed a notable transition in the guise of these schools as they are transitioned to the custody of the venerated Rajaprajanugroh Foundation under Royal Patronage. The schooling entities were previously recognized as Sueksa Songkhro Schools and will hence be identified as Rajaprajanugroh Schools. Initially under the regulatory authority of the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC), a part of the Education Ministry, the administration of these nine institutes is now routed under the Rajaprajanugroh Foundation under Royal Patronage.

This repertoire includes some diverse educational establishments: Sueksa Songkhro Bang Kruai School in Nonthaburi, Sueksa Songkhro Mae Hong Son School in Mae Hong Son, Sueksa Songkhro Chiang Mai School in Chiang Mai, and Sueksa Songkhro Chiang Dao School in Chiang Mai. Continuing the list, there is Sueksa Songkhro Mae Chan School in Chiang Rai, Sueksa Songkhro Thawat Buri School in Roi Et, Sueksa Songkhro Surat Thani School in Surat Thani, Sueksa Songkhro Phatthalung School in Phatthalung, and Sueksa Songkhro Narathiwat School in Narathiwat.

Trinuch further emphasizes that with this addition, these institutions align as the 58th to the 66th Rajaprajanugroh Schools under His Majesty the King’s royal patronage. She underscores that the transformation in patronage and identification is far from superficial.

“The change in school name and transfer to the Rajaprajanugroh Foundation under Royal Patronage illuminates a bright path for students, enriching them with scholarships and bountiful educational prospects,” states Trinuch.

She substantiates that these nine schools were handpicked, bearing in mind the considerable number of underprivileged children earnestly seeking prompt assistance. Eventually, she anticipates these schools to inculcate life skills such as culinary arts, agriculture, athletics, and music into their educational framework alongside the conventional curriculum, as reported by Bangkok Post.

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