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**”Kittiratt Na-Ranong Acquitted: Supreme Court Clears Former Deputy PM in High-Stakes Rice Deal”**

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Kittiratt Na-Ranong, chief adviser to the prime minister, walks to a meeting in Government House on April 2 this year. (Photo: Chanat Katanyu)

In an unexpected twist that seems straight out of a legal thriller, the Supreme Court on Thursday cleared former deputy prime minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong of all charges in a high-stakes rice sale scandal that dates back to 2011.

The veteran politician, now acting as chief adviser to Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, was relieved in 2021 after the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) believed there was a case against him. However, justice took a different turn.

Sporting a calm demeanor, Mr. Kittiratt emerged from the courtroom with a confident smile. “I’ve always strived to execute my duties with utmost care and honesty. The verdict today from the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Persons Holding Political Positions simply reaffirms that commitment,” he declared.

And what a declaration it was! He assured everyone that he’s more invested than ever in his role. “I will continue working to the fullest of my ability as chief adviser to the prime minister,” were his confident words.

Mr. Kittiratt’s legal virtuoso, Anek Khamchump, was ecstatic. He explained that his client’s innocence was confirmed thanks to scrupulous reporting by the NACC, which showed the rice sold to Indonesia’s state procurement agency, Perum Bulog, had passed through several checks. According to Anek, the Public Warehouse Organisation (PWO) working group, composed of experts from the Ministries of Commerce and Agriculture, had vetted the entire transaction.

And why wouldn’t they? Regulations were adhered to like clockwork. As pointed out by Anek, the sale followed the PWO’s stringent guidelines to the letter. Mr. Kittiratt, wearing his hats as both minister of commerce and deputy PM during the Yingluck Shinawatra administration, oversaw the controversial deal.

But let’s rewind a bit. The case picked up speed when the Thai Rice Exporters Association knocked on Mr. Kittiratt’s door—figuratively, of course—urging him to ensure that the rice sale to Indonesia was above board. Siam Indica was found to be the sole eligible contender and was, therefore, tasked with delivering the rice to Perum Bulog. Simple enough, right?

As stories often do, this one had its share of hiccups. The troublesome twist came when Siam Indica didn’t quite fulfill its end of the bargain, failing to deliver the complete amount of rice specified in the contract. This lapse was the buzz in political and agricultural circles, leading to Kittiratt’s indictment in 2021.

With the Supreme Court’s recent ruling, Mr. Kittiratt’s name has been cleared, and he can breathe a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, the political landscape in Thailand remains ever-fascinating, ensuring that stories like these will always have an audience eager to dissect them.

As we move forward, Kittiratt’s focus is unwavering, and it seems his journey in the political arena is far from over. With steadfast determination, he’s ready to take on new challenges, all while maintaining that elusive balance of integrity and duty.

Stay tuned, folks. In Thailand’s dynamic political theatre, there’s never a dull moment.


  1. Alex July 11, 2024

    I can’t believe he got away with this! Clearly, there’s corruption at every level!

    • Marisa L. July 11, 2024

      You can’t just say that without proof. The court found him innocent after all.

      • Alex July 11, 2024

        The court system itself can be corrupt. Ever think about that?

      • Justice4All July 11, 2024

        Courts aren’t perfect, but they’re our best bet at finding the truth.

    • James July 11, 2024

      I’m with Alex on this one. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

  2. Jenny July 11, 2024

    Politics in Thailand are always so dramatic. This story sounds too convenient.

    • Felipe G. July 11, 2024

      True. You never know what goes on behind the scenes.

    • Analyst77 July 11, 2024

      The details were scrutinized by multiple agencies. I doubt there’s a conspiracy here.

    • Jenny July 11, 2024

      Sure, but it’s hard to trust any of it given how interconnected all these people are.

  3. Sofia P. July 11, 2024

    Maybe he really did do his job with integrity. Not everyone in politics is corrupt.

    • TruthSeeker124 July 11, 2024

      It’s naive to think that way in today’s world.

    • Larry Davis July 11, 2024

      Political integrity is extremely rare. The odds are against it.

    • Sofia P. July 11, 2024

      It’s cynical to think that way. Some people do strive to be honest.

  4. Cassandra July 11, 2024

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. This isn’t over yet.

  5. Joe July 11, 2024

    It must be exhausting to work in such a high-stakes environment.

  6. Ivy M. July 11, 2024

    Everyone needs to calm down. The Supreme Court made a decision with all the facts in hand.

    • Donovan K. July 11, 2024

      Facts can be manipulated. Ever thought about that?

    • Ivy M. July 11, 2024

      Sure, but what other system do we have? We have to rely on something.

  7. Radhika July 11, 2024

    The image of him walking out with a smile seems so staged. Politics is all about optics.

    • CivilServant July 11, 2024

      Optics are part of any profession. He has to maintain a certain image.

    • Radhika July 11, 2024

      Doesn’t make it any less phony.

    • Paul T. July 11, 2024

      Every public figure has to play the PR game. It’s unavoidable.

  8. Andy July 11, 2024

    Interesting how the focus shifts so quickly in political dramas. What’s the next scandal?

  9. Harris P. July 11, 2024

    If he really was innocent, then this is a major victory for him.

  10. Eleanor July 11, 2024

    I don’t know what to think. It’s hard to trust anything in politics anymore.

    • RealTalk July 11, 2024

      Totally agree. The line between right and wrong is so blurred.

    • Deborah L. July 11, 2024

      It’s important to follow the facts and not get swayed by emotions.

  11. Rameen July 11, 2024

    People are quick to judge without having all the details.

    • SkepticalSam July 11, 2024

      And people are quick to forgive too. Balance is key.

    • Rameen July 11, 2024

      True, but jumping to conclusions doesn’t help anyone.

  12. grower134 July 11, 2024

    This reflects badly on the judicial system if he was indeed guilty.

  13. InsightfulOne July 11, 2024

    At the end of the day, it’s all about public perception. The real work happens behind the scenes.

  14. Megan C. July 11, 2024

    Thai politics are endlessly fascinating and frustrating at the same time.

    • Observer123 July 11, 2024

      Agreed. There’s always something happening.

    • Megan C. July 11, 2024

      And it’s almost impossible to figure out what’s really going on.

  15. Kenneth July 11, 2024

    The Supreme Court’s decision should be respected, but what happens next is what will matter the most.

  16. PolSciNerd July 11, 2024

    This case will probably be studied for years by political scientists and legal experts alike.

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