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Lat Phrao is rated as Bangkok’s most desirable district by a survey

The most sought-after properties, according to the statistics, were detached homes under 4.5 million baht with a maximum monthly rent of 25,000 baht. Utilities, accessible transit, and a variety of malls all provide good service to the area. People who were looking took notice of the costs of various residences. The results are similar with data from the previous year’s land assessments, which showed increases in Lat Phrao, Chatuchak, Bang Khae, Suan Luang, and Lat Krabang of 38%, 36%, 14%, and 11%, respectively. Despite an increase in local real estate supply, the poll indicated that the restoration of global demand has not yet fully materialized. The average monthly rent was 7,000 baht, and the most expensive kind of property cost 2.5 million baht. Readers who are interested in learning more about Bangkok’s real estate market may find a recent survey by Kaidee Property to be of interest. Visitors come from various countries to these locations. The top five real estate categories on Kaidee are condominiums (91.2 million page views), land (56.1 million), townhouses (49.5 million), and commercial areas (10.3 million page views).

It was discovered that detached houses were the most looked at real estate prices, with the price level of not more than 4,500,000 Baht, and the price for renting not more than 25,000 Baht. This is consistent with the housing market’s shift toward detached homes rather than condominiums following the Covid-19 incident, as consumers are starting to favor residents with greater living space. The rent will cost no more than 10,000 Baht, while the condominium’s price, which attracts the most interest, will not exceed 1.35 million Baht. They are all in the main class and economy class of real estate, which is a group that the Thai people would purchase for their own needs (Real Demand), not as a form of investment by investors. Townhomes will cost no more than 2,500,000 Baht to buy and no more than 7,000 Baht to rent, according to the most popular search phrases.

According to the quantity of people who visited the Kaidee page, the top 5 real estate categories are With 110 million total page views, detached homes are the most appealing, followed by condos (91.2 million), land (56.1 million), townhomes (49.5 million), and commercial areas (10.3 million).

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