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Longines Unveils Mini DolceVita 2023 Collection with Kate Winslet: Elegance Meets Colorful Craftsmanship

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In the ever-evolving world of horology, 2023 marks a milestone for the illustrious Mini DolceVita line by Longines, renowned for intertwining luxury with functionality. This year, the collection expands its horizons, unveiling new models that boast an exquisite feature: double tour straps. These aren’t just any straps but a testament to Longines’ commitment to craftsmanship and aesthetic finesse, available in a vibrant palette that includes black, beige gold, pink, red, orange, and green. Crafted from the softest Nappa leather, these straps are more than mere accessories; they’re a gentle embrace for the wrist, enhancing the watch’s rectangular silhouette, which can be adorned with diamonds—because, as they say, elegance often lies in the minutiae.

To herald the arrival of these enchanting new entrants, Longines has joined forces with its esteemed Ambassador of Elegance, Kate Winslet, for a campaign that is as original as it is captivating. Together, they explore the essence of time, not merely as a measure but as a canvas for our deepest expressions of elegance.

Design and Features

The Mini DolceVita is more than a timepiece; it’s a whisper of timeless elegance, blending the subdued allure of classic design with a flair for contemporary sophistication. This addition to the DolceVita family pays homage to its lineage—drawing inspiration from a 1927 precursor—while carving out its own niche as a modern-day jewel among watches.

Straps and Case:

The double tour straps of the new Mini DolceVita are a nod to Longines’ rich equestrian legacy, with their numbered holes reminiscent of stirrup leathers, wrapping the wrist in an intimate embrace. Encased in stainless steel (21.50 mm x 29.00 mm), water-resistant up to 3 bar (30 meters), and powered by a precision L178 quartz movement, these models are available in six stunning variations, ensuring a match for every taste.

Flinqué Dial Versions: With their silvered rectangular Roman dials adorned with flinqué decoration, these models are a visual feast. Geometric motifs provide a backdrop for painted Roman numerals and blued steel hands, with a charming small seconds subdial at 6 o’clock. Strap options include black, beige gold with ivory stitching, or pink Nappa leather, with the latter two options offering an extra sparkle with 38 Top Wesselton diamonds.

Cosmo Dial Versions: The cosmopolitan spirit comes alive with the circular silvered sand-blasted Cosmo dial. Here, a matt white hour indicator delineates the external square from the internal circle, complemented by a small seconds subdial at 6 o’clock. Roman numerals and elongated indexes stand in elegant contrast to blued steel hands, paired with straps in vivacious red, orange, or green Nappa leather.

Campaign with Kate Winslet

The embodiment of grace and timeless elegance, Kate Winslet stars in Longines’ latest campaign, set against a breathtaking coastal scene. Captured through the lens of the acclaimed photographer Greg Williams, this campaign transcends mere advertisement to become a cinematic ode to the notion of time—celebrating moments of being, of living fully and authentically, guided by a spirit of timeless elegance. In a world that constantly rushes forward, Longines and Winslet invite us to savor every tick of the clock, not just to count time but to make time count.


  1. watch_enthusiast April 29, 2024

    Honestly, Longines partnering with Kate Winslet again feels like a desperate attempt to stay relevant. Luxury watches should stand on their own, not lean on celebrity endorsements.

    • elegance_lover April 29, 2024

      I disagree. Kate Winslet embodies the elegance that Longines represents. It’s not about leaning on her fame but aligning with someone who represents their brand values authentically.

      • classic_man April 29, 2024

        Both have a point, but let’s not forget the sheer craftsmanship of these watches. Celebrities aside, the new collection’s design and quality speak volumes.

    • watch_enthusiast April 29, 2024

      Fair points. Still, wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a brand stand purely on the quality and design of their work? Maybe it’s just me yearning for a simpler time in the luxury market.

  2. green_watch April 29, 2024

    The introduction of colorful straps is a game-changer for the Mini DolceVita line. It’s a bold move that injects fun into luxury watches. Love it!

    • time_traditionalist April 29, 2024

      Is it, though? I believe luxury watches should adhere to their classic roots. These colors feel like a gimmick to attract a younger audience who may not appreciate the history behind these timepieces.

      • vintage_vibes April 29, 2024

        But isn’t adapting to the times necessary for survival? Offering variety doesn’t diminish the value or history; it just makes it more accessible and desirable across different demographics.

  3. diamond_debater April 29, 2024

    Diamonds on tech gadgets: unnecessary. On luxury watches: elevating. Longines knows the fine line between classy and flashy.

    • simplicity_speaks April 29, 2024

      Disagree. The true beauty of a watch lies in its craftsmanship and functionality. Diamonds are just a distraction.

      • bling_bling April 29, 2024

        But that’s the beauty of options! Some of us love a bit of sparkle in our lives. It’s not distracting; it’s expressing personality.

  4. the_timekeeper April 29, 2024

    Why not focus on innovation rather than aesthetics? While Longines is playing with color, other brands are pioneering in technology and sustainability.

    • watch_enthusiast April 29, 2024

      A valid point, but we can’t overlook that for many, watches are not just about telling time but also making a statement. A balance of both would be ideal, though.

  5. eco_elite April 29, 2024

    The use of Nappa leather raises some ethical concerns. Longines should consider sustainable alternatives to stay ahead in the luxury market while being eco-conscious.

    • leather_luxury April 29, 2024

      Nappa leather, however, has a quality and feel that’s hard to replicate. Yes, sustainability is important, but so is maintaining a product’s luxury appeal.

    • eco_elite April 29, 2024

      I believe luxury and sustainability can coexist. Innovating alternative materials that match or exceed the quality and feel of Nappa leather could enhance the brand’s prestige and appeal to a broader, more environmentally aware audience.

  6. nostalgia_nerd April 29, 2024

    Longines’ tribute to their equestrian legacy with the double tour straps is a masterstroke. It ties the new collection with their history beautifully.

  7. moment_maker April 29, 2024

    The campaign with Kate Winslet captures the essence of what Longines stands for – not just keeping time, but cherishing and making the most of it. It’s profoundly beautiful.

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