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Lop Buri’s Unique Solution: Police Tackle Monkey Menace with Slingshots for Harmony

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Welcome to the enchanting, yet slightly mischievous, world of Lop Buri, a province in Thailand’s Central Plains that’s become famous not just for its rich history and breathtaking landmarks, but for its cheeky inhabitants that aren’t humans: the macaque monkeys. These rascals have taken the term ‘monkey business’ to a whole new level, causing quite the stir among local residents and tourists alike. But don’t worry, the local police are on it, equipped with none other than the trusty slingshot!

That’s right, imagine this: a dedicated officer from Tha Hin Police Station, eyes sharp, stance ready, holding a slingshot with an air of determination. This isn’t a scene from a children’s book, but a real-life Monkey Suppression Unit in action. The concept might sound like something out of a comedic tale, but the situation these officers face is very much a reality in Lop Buri, prompting action from none other than Pol Maj Gen Apirak Vetkanchana, the chief of Lop Buri Provincial Police.

Under the guidance of Pol Col Kantaphon Wanna, the superintendent of Tha Hin Police, this elite monkey-battling squad was formed. Their mission? To tackle the issue of aggressive macaques terrorizing the locals. There’s no monkeying around here – these officers are armed with slingshots, upgrading from sedatives which, frankly, gave these nimble creatures just enough time to make a quick getaway, possibly plotting their next mischievous act from the tops of buildings.

The initiative has been met with a bounty of positive responses from grateful residents, breathing a sigh of relief as their monkey-related woes begin to lessen. And just when you thought the cavalry couldn’t get any more dynamic, enter the Wildlife Conservation Office 1 team from Saraburi. These determined officials have been setting cage traps around strategic spots in the city, showing these monkeys who’s boss – in the most humane way, of course.

Over two days, a total of sixteen monkeys found themselves caught in these traps, a testament to the effectiveness of these newly deployed tactics. But don’t worry; it’s not all cages and slingshots. These captured monkeys are taken on a little vacation of sorts to a wildlife clinic in Saraburi for a wellness check, ensuring they’re healthy before they’re relocated to a more suitable, and less disruptive, home.

Now, you might wonder, with such a large population of monkeys (5,709 to be exact as of 2023), what’s driving them to cause such chaos? It seems as though these furry residents of Lop Buri have been feeling a bit too at home, snatching belongings like seasoned pickpockets and treating buildings as their personal playground. But with efforts from the Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Plant Conservation to find a more permanent solution, perhaps a peaceful coexistence is on the horizon. Maybe a zoo could become the next hangout spot for these monkeys, offering them endless entertainment and keeping them engaged in a more controlled environment.

Lop Buri’s monkey saga is an intriguing blend of challenges and innovative solutions. It sheds light on the importance of human-animal coexistence and highlights the lengths to which the local community and authorities go to maintain harmony. So, the next time you’re in Lop Buri and spot a policeman with a slingshot, know that you’re witnessing a unique chapter of the city’s ongoing tale, where culture, history, and a dash of monkey mischief mingle to create an unforgettable narrative.


  1. Monica G March 27, 2024

    Is using slingshots really the best we can do? It seems a bit primitive and perhaps cruel. Couldn’t we find a more humane way to handle the monkey situation?

    • Tommy76 March 27, 2024

      I actually think it’s brilliant! It’s non-lethal and just enough to scare them away without causing real harm. High-tech solutions are not always the answer.

      • AnimalLover101 March 27, 2024

        But doesn’t this approach risk injuring the monkeys? There must be a better solution that ensures the safety of these animals.

      • Monica G March 27, 2024

        I guess I see your point, Tommy76, but I’m with AnimalLover101 on this one. It still feels like there could be a risk of harm. Wonder if there’s a middle ground approach.

    • EcoWarrior March 27, 2024

      In an ideal world, we’d have a more sophisticated approach. But sometimes, communities have to use the resources they have. It’s about finding a balance.

  2. HistoryBuff March 27, 2024

    It’s fascinating how Lop Buri has turned a challenge into an opportunity. This approach showcases the ingenuity of the local authorities in dealing with wildlife in urban areas.

    • Modernizer March 27, 2024

      Ingenuity? It’s frankly an outdated method. We should be using technology to track and manage the monkeys, not chasing them with slingshots.

  3. Nate_the_Great March 27, 2024

    I’ve been to Lop Buri, and those monkeys are no joke! While it sounds funny, it’s a real problem for locals. Using slingshots is a step up from doing nothing, I suppose.

    • Monica G March 27, 2024

      Having firsthand experience must give you a different perspective. Did it seem like the monkeys were being treated fairly?

    • Travel_Junkie March 27, 2024

      I visited Lop Buri last year and saw the whole thing! The slingshots seemed more like a deterrent. The monkeys weren’t scared – more like they respected boundaries.

  4. GreenThumb March 27, 2024

    We’re missing the point here. The real issue is habitat destruction. If humans hadn’t invaded their space, monkeys wouldn’t be ‘terrorizing’ urban areas.

    • CitySlicker March 27, 2024

      That’s an oversimplification. People have lived in Lop Buri for centuries. It’s not about invasion, it’s about coexistence.

    • GreenThumb March 27, 2024

      Coexistence is key, but let’s not pretend urban expansion doesn’t pressure wildlife. The root of the problem is how we share the environment with these animals.

  5. ScienceGeek March 27, 2024

    Has anyone considered the long-term psychological effects on the monkeys? Constantly being chased away can stress them, affecting their behavior even more.

    • Pragmatist March 27, 2024

      At the end of the day, the safety and well-being of the human population have to be prioritized. It’s a tough call, but necessary.

    • ScienceGeek March 27, 2024

      True, human safety is important. I just hope there’s ongoing research into how these measures affect the monkeys. Maybe there’s a way to achieve balance.

  6. LocalResident March 27, 2024

    As someone living in Lop Buri, I can tell you, the slingshot squad has been a game changer. The monkeys aren’t hurt, just nudged to be less intrusive. It’s been a relief.

    • SkepticSam March 27, 2024

      Interesting to hear from a local! Do most people in your community feel the same way? It’s hard to gauge from the outside.

    • AnimalRightsActivist March 27, 2024

      But is it really a humane solution, or just the easiest one? I wonder if there were other options considered before resorting to this.

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