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Major Power Shift in Thailand: The Jaw-Dropping Inauguration of Srettha as the New Prime Minister Surpasses All Expectations!

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As the sun climbed to its zenith, Srettha, freshly minted as Thailand’s 30th Prime Minister after securing a clear majority in Parliament on Tuesday, set foot in his future office. He was graciously welcomed by General Prayut, whose warm congratulations marked the beginning of Srettha’s new chapter in public service.

The duo, a symbol of the past and the future of Thai politics, spent approximately sixty minutes engrossed in a tête-à-tête. And as a sign of camaraderie, Prayut gladly took the helm of narration for Srettha’s starter guide to the Prime Ministerial office premise. Together, they strolled through the halls of the Thai Khufah Building, the main hub of the prime minister’s affairs. They proceeded to the Bhakdi Bodin Building after, this grand edifice being the reception room where state dignitaries are usually hosted.

Once their walkthrough was concluded, Prayut joined Srettha on his walk to the latter’s waiting vehicle. All around them, reporters clusted, their lenses trained on Thailand’s incoming senior statesman. Srettha didn’t shirk from the attention, instead, with a wave, acknowledged their presence.

The next stop on his crowded itinerary was the Pheu Thai Party headquarters, his very own political home turf. It was here he was slated to dive into a whirlpool of media interviews later in the day. Representing the ruling coalition leader, Pheu Thai, Srettha had successfully pocketed a coveted lead in the Parliament, gaining the majority vote in the cooperative meeting between the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Out of 750, 482 parliamentarians rallied behind him, spelling out a resounding victory despite 165 dissenting votes and 81 abstentions. Fully aware of the honor of this position, Srettha held a ritual of honor the following day at Pheu Thai headquarters, accepting the royal command that officially endorsed his appointment.

This event saw in attendance the instrumental figures of Pheu Thai, including the party leader Cholnan Srikaew and one of their own Prime Ministerial candidates Paetongtarn Shinawatra. Their presence served as a visible reminder of the unity of the Pheu Thai Party and their coalition partners, their joint effort being the key to Srettha’s decisive victory.

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