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Miracle in Thailand: Single ID Card Revolutionizes Access to All Healthcare Networks – Is This The Future Of Universal Healthcare?

The Ministry of Public Health in Thailand is extending its One ID Card, Universal Healthcare initiative to four additional provinces. This exciting news was announced by Minister Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, who elucidated that this single ID card is a key to unlocking healthcare services across a multitude of networks. Notwithstanding those falling outside the purview of the Ministry of Public Health, services in clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories would be provided as well.

In a meeting called Quick Win, Dr. Chonnan took the opportunity to shed light on the significant strides being made in constructing a reliable primary health system that essentially aims to provide treatment for all illnesses at 30 baht. The Universal Healthcare policy, coupled with the single ID card, would be first seen in action in Health Zones 1, 4, 9, and 12. Citizens in these zones would be privileged to benefit from services in hospitals that fall under the Ministry of Public Health.

Dr. Chonnan made a resounding announcement, “Phrae, Phetchaburi, Roi Et, and Narathiwat – these are the pioneers. Our citizens here would have the capacity to access services across all networks with the help of a single ID card. Despite covering all regions, we are not limiting services to residents of these provinces alone. Citizens from other provinces visiting these four provinces can also access services, encapsulating hospital affiliations from universities to military, not to mention private sectors including pharmacies, labs, and clinics. We are indeed stepping up.”

The four provinces were selected as the initial warriors to provide universal healthcare across all networks due to their readiness. Upon inquiry, Dr. Chonnan affirmed that their objective was to achieve precisely this. Subsequentially, the minister even announced data linkage as their next desired step within the network. Starting from October 24, this process will kick-off officially, followed closely by the inception of data connection and operation.

For the record, addressing a query on the initial four health zones and the universal services offered, Dr. Chonnan emphasised that zones under the Ministry of Public Health would remain accessible. Nevertheless, the four provinces maintain their status as pioneers that permit anyone to use the province’s services with just a single ID card, according to KhaoSod’s report.

Lastly, on October 24, the National Health System Development Committee is meeting at the Government House. The meeting will be spearheaded by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin. The principal subject of deliberation would be to facilitate the One ID Card, Universal Healthcare initiative. As Thailand progresses in its healthcare journey, follow the Thaiger’s stories on their recent Facebook page HERE.

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