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Nightmare on Srinakarin Road: A Pothole Frenzy Claims a Dozen Victims in Samut Prakan

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Imagine cruising down Srinakarin Road in Samut Prakan on a balmy Monday night, the bustling city life of Thailand encapsulating your senses, when suddenly – disaster strikes. A notorious section of the road, concealed by shadows and the sudden descent from a flyover above Theparak Road, morphs into a car’s worst nightmare and a scene straight out of an action movie (minus the cool soundtrack and slow-motion effects).

A devious hole, strategically positioned in the Bangkok-bound lane, lay in waiting. Measuring a menacing one meter in width, two meters in length, and 15 centimeters deep, it had all the makings of a vehicular trap. By the end of the night, it claimed at least a dozen victims, with 10 vehicles nursing wounded wheels and a motorcyclist left nursing, well, actual wounds.

The tale of the hole sounds like folklore, a modern urban legend, but to those affected, it was all too real. It was approximately 10 p.m. when the plight of these travelers reached the ears of local law enforcement. Accounts from the scene painted a vivid picture of chaos cleverly disguised as an everyday road. Witnesses reported that what seemed to be a simple crack on the surface was actually a gateway to vehicular doom.

A 32-year-old motorist, known only as J, recounted his harrowing experience with the subtlety of a man who had just felt the earth swallow his car – because essentially, that’s what happened. One moment, he was enjoying his drive, and the next, his car was performing an impromptu nose-dive, rendering his front tyre useless and leaving him in a state of disbelief as he noticed the line of fellow victims.

Then there was Thanakrit Saengchompoo, 34, whose tale of survival added another layer to this night of mechanical carnage. A sudden jolt, a shaking steering wheel, and just like that, Thanakrit joined the ranks of the Srinakarin Road survivors, his car wounded but his spirit unbroken, blocked by heavy traffic from any chance of evasion.

Amidst the rubble and the rubber, stood Praphon, a seasoned engineer of 50, who shed light on the possible culprit behind this asphalt anomaly. Positioned in an area known for its water main installation works, he postulated that the foundation beneath the concrete had given way, leading to the road’s dramatic collapse. The villainous crack, now a gaping maw, had been further aggrieved by unwary rainwater, compounding the destruction and adding insult to injury.

What unfolded on Srinakarin Road that night was not just a matter of damaged machinery or injured pride; it was a narrative of survival, of unexpected calamity, and the resilience of those who found themselves unwitting actors in this asphalt tragedy. It’s a stark reminder of the surprises that lay hidden in the everyday and the tales of misadventure that can spring from even the most mundane of night drives.


  1. JaneDoe101 May 21, 2024

    This just goes to show how neglected our infrastructure has become! How many more ‘traps’ are out there waiting for innocent people?

    • CitySlicker May 21, 2024

      Exactly, Jane! It’s like playing Russian roulette with your car out there. When will the authorities wake up and do something?

      • OptimistPrime May 21, 2024

        It’s not just the authorities, though. We, as citizens, need to be more vigilant and report these hazards before they cause harm.

    • JaneDoe101 May 21, 2024

      True, OptimistPrime, but shouldn’t this be part of regular road maintenance checks? Why wait for a disaster to happen?

  2. UrbanExplorer May 21, 2024

    How come no one’s talking about the motorcyclist who got injured? Cars got ‘wounded wheels’ but there’s an actual person hurting!

    • ConcernedCitizen May 21, 2024

      Right?! It feels like the focus is always on material damage. That cyclist deserves compensation and a fast recovery.

    • BikerBuddy May 21, 2024

      Seriously. And it’s way more dangerous for bikers. We need better road safety measures ASAP.

      • PedestrianPete May 21, 2024

        Everyone’s at risk with roads like these. From pedestrians to bikers to drivers. It’s a community issue, not just a biker issue.

  3. TechieTom May 21, 2024

    Couldn’t advanced technology prevent these types of issues? Like sensors in the roads or better construction materials?

  4. TheHistorian May 21, 2024

    This is reminiscent of ancient Rome’s struggles with maintaining their roads. Centuries later, we’re facing the same challenges.

    • ModernMarie May 21, 2024

      Seriously? You’re comparing this to ancient Rome? We have technology they couldn’t dream of, yet we still can’t fix a road.

  5. SkepticalSam May 21, 2024

    I bet this was exaggerated. Roads crack, it happens. People should just drive more carefully.

    • JaneDoe101 May 21, 2024

      Exaggerated? There’s an injured motorcyclist and multiple damaged cars. Doesn’t sound minor to me, Sam.

    • RealityCheck May 21, 2024

      You can’t always ‘drive carefully’ around sudden one-meter-wide holes, Sam. Infrastructure should be reliable.

  6. GreenThumb May 21, 2024

    This might be a stretch, but could rainwater management and green infrastructure have prevented the underlying erosion?

    • Prof. Pave May 21, 2024

      Not a stretch at all! Proper drainage and green spaces can greatly reduce the stress on urban roads. It’s all interconnected.

  7. DailyCommuter May 21, 2024

    Every day, it’s something new on the roads. I just want to get to work without my car falling apart.

  8. LocalYokel May 21, 2024

    I knew that section was gonna cave in someday. That area’s been shaky for months. Why wasn’t it fixed sooner?

    • MayorMayNot May 21, 2024

      Reports were made, but you know how bureaucracy works. Takes a tragedy for any action to be taken, sadly.

      • LocalYokel May 21, 2024

        It’s always the same story. Hopefully, this is a wake-up call for everyone to start taking road safety seriously.

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