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Northeastern Thailand meth bust: 20 million baht worth of tablets seized

Rangers were patrolling the Mekong River when they came upon a group of men in a long-tail boat. The men pulled out a sack and tossed it on the riverbed before accelerating away in their boat. The Narcotic Suppression Bureau raided a drug network last week in the southern province of Songkhla, and this information comes in the wake of that operation. In the tambon Khuha Tai of the Rattaphum district, arrests were made, and 402,000 methamphetamine pills were discovered. As of April, Thai police had detained over 120,000 narcotics suspects during the preceding six months. The 180,000 meth pills the rangers found in the suitcase had a street value of almost 20 million baht. The tablets were contained in 90 plastic containers. The police seized 631 kilograms of crystal meth, which has a street worth of 600 million baht. Police also seized three vehicles and a piece of land with a house that was reportedly being used for drug trafficking.

They are believed to have entered Laos illegally from Thailand before leaving for Thailand. According to police lieutenant Wanchat Muanpuen, almost 10 tonnes of methamphetamine pills had been discovered in Nakhon Phanom near the border this year. Another meth bust occurred Friday night in the northern Thai province of Nakhon Phanom. They had seized more than 260 million pills of illegal substances, including meth, and valuables valued more than 2.4 billion baht.

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