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Pathum Thani PAO Election: Kamronwit Toopkrajang Leads in Nida Poll Amid Tight Race

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Pol Lt Gen Kamronwit Toopkrajang, holding a microphone and beaming warmly, thanked his supporters from a pickup truck brimming with campaign spirit during a Friday rally aimed at drumming up support for the upcoming Pathum Thani Provincial Administration Organisation election. As the crowd cheered back, it was clear that this was no ordinary rally. With the decisive date set for June 30, the anticipation in the air was palpable. (Photo: Pol Lt Gen Kamronwit Toopkrajang Facebook account)

According to a recent Nida poll, Kamronwit Toopkrajang has edged slightly ahead of his main competitor, Chan Puangpetch, in the high-stakes race for the chairmanship of the Pathum Thani Provincial Administrative Organisation (PAO). With only a couple of weeks remaining before the big day, the poll results released on Sunday showed Kamronwit with the endorsement of 31.87% of surveyed voters, while Mr Charn was supported by 28.68%.

The final outcome could hinge on the decisions of two critical voter groups. The poll highlighted that 8.98% of respondents were still undecided about whom they’d support with their ballots, and a significant 17.43% stated they would vote but not for any of the current candidates.

Kamronwit and Charn are just two of the four competitors vying for the PAO chairman position in this electrifying election, with the other candidates trailing significantly in the polls. The National Institute of Development and Administration (Nida) interviewed 1,067 eligible Pathum Thani voters on Tuesday and Wednesday to gauge their choices and opinions.

This local election has garnered substantial attention as political analysts speculate it might shed light on the influence of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who recently returned to Thailand from self-exile. The Pheu Thai Party has placed its bet on Mr Charn, a veteran three-time PAO chairman, aiming to reclaim the position from Kamronwit, who had decisively beaten Charn in the 2020 election.

Interestingly, Kamronwit’s political journey has its roots intertwined with Thaksin. Once a rising star in the police force owing much to Thaksin’s support, Kamronwit advanced to become the Metropolitan Police Bureau commander. “I have come this far because of the support from my brother,” he had once acknowledged, referring to Thaksin.

Unsurprisingly, Thaksin has shown clear signs of backing Mr Charn this time around. The former prime minister, now on parole, recently presided over a religious ceremony in Thanya Buri district, Pathum Thani, commemorating the ordination of the Thanya Buri mayor’s son on June 8, with Mr Charn also present at this high-profile event. A throng of red-shirt members eagerly awaited to catch a glimpse of Thaksin at the venue.

However, the results from the Nida poll suggest that Thaksin’s appearance might have been a damp squib in terms of influencing voter decisions. An overwhelming 82% of respondents in Sunday’s poll indicated that Thaksin’s visit would not sway their choices in the upcoming June 30 election.

Pheu Thai’s grip on Pathum Thani has been wobbly of late. In the previous national election, the party was largely supplanted by the Move Forward Party, managing to secure just one out of the seven seats in the province, with the remaining seats claimed by Move Forward.

The Pathum Thani PAO election is proving to be an electrifying contest of political will and public opinion. With Kamronwit leading by a slender margin and significant portions of the electorate still undecided or opting for none-of-the-above, the June 30 election is shaping up to be a nail-biter. Both seasoned candidates seem locked in a strategic battle for every single vote, making this one local election to watch with bated breath.


  1. Nina June 16, 2024

    I seriously think Kamronwit is the best choice for Pathum Thani. His track record speaks for itself!

    • John D. June 16, 2024

      Really? He’s just another politician riding on Thaksin’s coattails. We need fresh blood!

      • Nina June 16, 2024

        Fresh blood is not always good, John. Experience matters, especially in administration.

      • May June 16, 2024

        Agreed, experience does count, but we need innovation too. Kamronwit seems too old school.

  2. Patricia June 16, 2024

    Undecided voters should make up their minds already. This election is too important to be indecisive.

    • Tony June 16, 2024

      Patricia, people need to think carefully. It’s not a decision to be made lightly.

    • Grower134 June 16, 2024

      Better to be undecided than to make a wrong choice in haste!

  3. Eddie L June 16, 2024

    Thaksin’s shadow looms large over this election. Can’t the country just move on?

    • Suriya B. June 16, 2024

      Thaksin’s influence is unavoidable. He’s got deep roots in our politics.

    • Patricia June 16, 2024

      Yes, but it’s high time for a new chapter, don’t you think?

  4. Victor June 16, 2024

    Chan Puangpetch might just surprise everyone. He’s a veteran and knows the ropes.

    • Somsak June 16, 2024

      I doubt it. He’s been around for too long without real change.

    • Nina June 16, 2024

      Yeah, Victor, Chan might know the ropes, but he’s part of the old guard. Time for something new.

  5. DailyWatcher June 16, 2024

    Why is Pheu Thai still so reliant on Thaksin? Isn’t it time for them to stand on their own?

    • Timothy June 16, 2024

      The party’s whole identity is tied to him. Hard to break away.

    • John D. June 16, 2024

      It’s sad, really. They have talented people but keep looking back instead of forward.

  6. Joe June 16, 2024

    The poll numbers are so close. This will be a real nail-biter!

    • Mira June 16, 2024

      Agreed! I feel like even a small incident could change everything.

  7. Chai June 16, 2024

    Why is there so much hype about this election anyway? It’s just local politics.

  8. Lek June 16, 2024

    Local politics affect our daily lives more than national ones sometimes. Don’t underestimate their importance.

  9. Sophon June 16, 2024

    Anyone but Kamronwit. We need someone who doesn’t have a controversial past.

  10. Marianne June 16, 2024

    Isn’t it funny how undecided voters can still tilt the balance so late in the game?

    • Sunny June 16, 2024

      That’s democracy for you. Every vote counts!

      • Marianne June 16, 2024

        True enough, but it’s frustrating how people wait until the last minute to decide.

  11. Sawat June 16, 2024

    No matter who wins, there will still be a need for massive reforms in PAO.

  12. Jenny June 16, 2024

    I think Kamronwit’s past with Thaksin is actually an asset. Political connections matter.

    • Eddie L June 16, 2024

      Or it could be a liability, Jenny. People don’t forget controversies easily.

  13. Arnun June 16, 2024

    Chan Puangpetch is the safer option. He’s less likely to get caught in scandals.

  14. Prem June 16, 2024

    The poll shows Kamronwit is leading, but anything can happen before Election Day.

  15. Maya June 16, 2024

    I just hope whoever wins will focus on improving local infrastructure and services.

  16. Somchai June 16, 2024

    If Thaksin’s visit didn’t influence the polls, it shows people are tired of his antics.

  17. Nina June 16, 2024

    I still believe Kamronwit has the upper hand. His campaign is more energetic.

  18. Jason June 16, 2024

    Hard to say who’ll win, but I think Pheu Thai’s problems reflect larger national issues.

    • DailyWatcher June 16, 2024

      Agree, Jason. This election might be a microcosm of where our national politics are heading.

  19. Kanda June 16, 2024

    Politics is so divisive these days. Can’t we just have a straightforward, clean election?

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