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Pattaya’s Nighttime Gambit: South Koreans Caught in Clandestine Coffee Shop Poker Raid

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It was an evening in Pattaya that started like any other in the beachside town, known for its vibrant nightlife and seemingly endless entertainment options. However, for ten South Korean nationals and a bustling coffee shop named Sand Coffee, located in the heart of Bang Lamung district, the night was about to take an unexpected turn. Picture this: a room humming with the clandestine sounds of poker, chips clinking, cards shuffling, and the low buzz of conversation. This was the scene that greeted local authorities during an unexpected visit that would unravel more than just a casual game among friends.

Bang Lamung district, for the uninitiated, is not just any location in Pattaya. It’s a melting pot of culture, cuisine, and, as it turns out, covert gambling dens masquerading as innocuous coffee shops. Leading the charge against this unexpected fusion of caffeine and cards was none other than Bang Lamung district chief Veekit Manarojkiit, alongside Pattaya police chief Pol Col Navin Thirawit. Their mission? To cleanse the town of its hidden vices, starting with a raid scheduled at the very precise time of 9.26 pm on a fateful Friday night.

The operation was swift, catching the gamblers in the midst of their activities. A room that was perhaps intended for sip and chat was instead decked out with the trappings of a mini-casino: a gambling table, decks of poker cards, chips, and, notably, about 160,000 baht in cash that seemed out of place amidst the aroma of coffee beans. Among the captives of this raid was Phuek Prasomphan, a 46-year-old Thai man who, with a hint of resignation, admitted to being the mastermind behind this brew-and-bet establishment.

As the authorities delved deeper, a light interrogation ensued with the South Korean players, a turn of events that was probably less exciting than the poker game they were engrossed in moments before. Questions were raised, passports were asked for, and to the authorities’ begrudging respect, none of the international guests had overstayed their welcome in Thailand—legally, at least. Their venture into the underground world of gambling, however, told a different story.

In a town where the sun never truly sets and the party never ends, this incident serves as a reminder that the allure of Pattaya extends beyond its sandy shores and into the heart of its less-known, nocturnal ventures. The suspects, now in custody at the Pattaya City police station, await their fate, marking the end of their poker game but perhaps the beginning of an entirely different kind of gamble—a gamble with the law.

As Pattaya continues to dance to its unique rhythm, stories like these add a layer of intrigue and caution to its colorful tapestry. Whether it’s the lure of the beach, the pulsating nightlife, or the secret poker games in coffee shops, Pattaya ensures that there’s never a dull moment.


  1. KatieZ May 18, 2024

    Honestly, why is the focus on small time gamblers? There are bigger issues in Pattaya than a few South Koreans playing poker.

    • TruthSpeaker May 18, 2024

      It’s about the law, Katie. Gambling is illegal in Thailand outside of the lottery and horse racing. The size of the operation doesn’t matter.

      • KatieZ May 18, 2024

        I get that, but it feels like a waste of resources. Maybe focus on more serious crimes?

  2. worldtraveler75 May 18, 2024

    Pattaya again! I swear, every interesting story I hear about Thailand somehow involves Pattaya.

    • SiamSam May 18, 2024

      Because it’s a melting pot of culture and… trouble. But it’s what makes Pattaya, Pattaya!

  3. Law_n_Order May 18, 2024

    Good on the local authorities taking action against illegal activities. It’s about setting examples.

    • Anarchist101 May 18, 2024

      Laws are arbitrary, especially when it comes to something as harmless as poker. It’s just a game.

      • Law_n_Order May 18, 2024

        Harmless until it’s not. Gambling can lead to addiction, financial ruin, and even crime.

    • PokerFace22 May 18, 2024

      As if raids will stop people from gambling. They’ll just find somewhere else, or move it online.

      • Law_n_Order May 18, 2024

        Maybe, but it disrupts the operations and sends a message. Plus, online gambling is easier to track and regulate.

  4. PattayaDreamin May 18, 2024

    I think there’s a certain charm to the underground scene in tourist towns. It adds to the adventure.

    • DebbieDowner May 18, 2024

      Until someone gets hurt or ends up in jail. Not everyone understands the risks.

  5. SeoulSister May 18, 2024

    Feels a bit stereotype-y to highlight the South Korean players. Gamblers come from everywhere, you know.

    • DaveH May 18, 2024

      True, but in this case, the players just happened to be South Korean. It’s a detail, not a stereotype.

  6. GlobalNomad May 18, 2024

    160k baht is a lot of money on the table. This wasn’t just friendly poker; it was serious gambling.

    • PokerPro May 18, 2024

      Serious money indeed. Makes you wonder how often they got away with it before getting caught.

  7. Nomad2015 May 18, 2024

    I’m more worried about these cafes getting a bad rep. It’s just one bad apple, not all are like that.

  8. HistoryBuff May 18, 2024

    There’s always been this romantic notion of underground gambling. Reality is, it’s often linked to other illegal activities.

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