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Pattaya’s Walking Street renovation is nearly complete, says deputy mayor

The Walking Roadway resurfacing project will cost 30 million baht and will make the street more attractive, well-kept, and family-friendly. Monach says 95% of the project is done; varnishing and painting remain. Walking Street was resurfaced with pavement blocks after the digging to make it more beautiful. Regional artists will paint murals on the boulevard. Pattaya City Council Chairman Bunlue Kullavanich said the Walking Street resurfacing project was 27% complete in June. Local business owners accused the government of ruining the city’s reputation by producing a public nuisance. Former mayor Sontaya said the project’s goals are to attract “all ages” and improve the redlight district route. He said resurfacing is 95% complete, excluding street art. Street-blocking ads must be removed or moved within three months. Manoch said the road was in worse shape before wires and pipes were buried. Officials have made contradictory assertions about Walking Street’s change. Pattaya’s former mayor and other city officials said 80% of Walking Street was repaired in January. For people to enjoy the roadway day and night, it was restored, painted, and given a retractable roof. The mayor also said there were cables. Walking Street’s redevelopment should end soon. Pattaya’s revival is virtually complete, says to deputy mayor Manoch Nongyai. Officials inspected Walking Street on Wednesday.

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