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Phanuwat Phanwichartkul Appointed Senator: Astrologer Joins Thai Senate

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Astrologer Phanuwat PhanwichartkulAstrologer Phanuwat Phanwichartkul (Photo: Phanuwat Phanwichartkul Facebook)

In a fascinating turn of events, His Majesty the King has appointed Phanuwat Phanwichartkul and Pol Maj Gen Pisit Pao-in to step into the shoes of recently departed senators. This announcement graced the pages of the Royal Gazette on June 7, sparking conversations across the nation. It appears that destiny, guided by both the stars and the laws of the land, has woven a new chapter for these accomplished individuals.

The June 4 disclosure detailed that Mr. Phanuwat and Pol Maj Gen Pisit will occupy the vacant seats left by Adm Saksit Cherdboonmuang and Monthian Buntan, respectively. According to Section 269 of the constitution, their appointments officially took effect on May 10, making these seasoned veterans of their fields the newest members of the senate.

Mr. Phanuwat isn’t just any name pulled from obscurity. He’s a renowned astrologer whose cosmic insights have dazzled many. Previously serving as a member of Muang Surat Thani municipality during 1994-1995, his career trajectory has always danced under a favorable constellation. In addition to his municipal service, he served as an honorary adviser on a crucial House committee dedicated to religions, arts, and cultures. It’s fair to say that his multifaceted wisdom goes beyond planetary alignments.

On the other hand, Pol Maj Gen Pisit, who hung up his badge in 2013, has seen his fair share of the limelight. He commanded the Technology Crime Division with an iron fist, ensuring cyber security before it was the buzzword it is today. His repertoire of roles even includes a stint with the National Reform Steering Assembly in 2015, shortly before taking the mantle of deputy chairman of the reform committee on mass media in 2016. Clearly, retirement was just a pitstop for Pol Maj Gen Pisit.

As these two dignified figures step into their new roles, the anticipation of what they’ll bring to the table runs high. Whether it’s Mr. Phanuwat’s celestial guidance or Pol Maj Gen Pisit’s technological and reformist acumen, their paths ahead promise to be as engaging as their previous achievements. Time, as always, will reveal how they will navigate their senatorial constellations!


  1. Sara88 June 8, 2024

    Really? An astrologer in the Senate? How can someone who believes in stars interpreting our future be fit for political decision-making?

    • Leo Star June 8, 2024

      Stars have guided humanity for millennia. Maybe he’ll bring some much-needed wisdom.

      • Jack June 8, 2024

        Wisdom based on astrology? That’s a stretch. We need science, not superstition.

      • Sara88 June 8, 2024

        Exactly, Jack. It’s the 21st century. We should rely on facts and rational thought.

  2. Dr. Tomas June 8, 2024

    There’s a place for everyone in politics. I’m intrigued to see how Mr. Phanuwat’s unique perspective could influence cultural policy.

    • Beth June 8, 2024

      That’s optimistic, Dr. Tomas. I worry it will foster a culture of pseudoscience.

    • Chang June 8, 2024

      Agree with Beth. We need leaders who promote education and critical thinking.

  3. Kayla P. June 8, 2024

    His past experience in the House committee on religions, arts, and cultures sounds promising. Maybe he’s more than just an astrologer.

    • Alex June 8, 2024

      Those are good points, Kayla. Let’s not judge a book by its cover.

    • Isaac June 8, 2024

      Or maybe it’s just a cover-up for a lack of other qualifications?

  4. Anonymous June 8, 2024

    Pol Maj Gen Pisit’s tech background is a great asset. Cybersecurity is crucial in today’s world.

    • Catherine June 8, 2024

      He could really help with digital reforms and tech laws.

    • Steve June 8, 2024

      Can’t argue with that, Catherine. We definitely need more tech-savvy politicians.

  5. MeganR. June 8, 2024

    I don’t see the fuss. Politicians aren’t all scientists, sometimes they are philosophers, historians, etc. Why not an astrologer if he’s accomplished?

    • Sam D. June 8, 2024

      There’s a difference between humanities and astrology, Megan. The latter lacks empirical support.

    • Eleanor June 8, 2024

      True, but every perspective brings something to the table. It’s about diversity in thought.

    • MeganR. June 8, 2024

      Exactly, Eleanor. A mix of perspectives might lead to more holistic policies.

    • BPCappel June 9, 2024

      How can an astrologer become “accomplished”?

  6. Rick S. June 8, 2024

    This is an embarrassment for Thailand. Astrology has no place in modern governance.

  7. Julie B. June 8, 2024

    Senate seats should be based on merit, not on celestial forecasts.

  8. Leo Star June 8, 2024

    LOL at the skeptics! Phanuwat can bring a fresh perspective. Maybe balance the other materialistic senators.

  9. Intellectual_Guru June 8, 2024

    Why is everyone so hung up on Phanuwat? Pol Maj Gen Pisit is the dark horse here. If he can bring robust cyber policies, he might overshadow Phanuwat’s celestial predictions.

  10. Ellie June 8, 2024

    That’s a good point, Intellectual_Guru. Tech policies are vital.

  11. Jane June 8, 2024

    Two very different new senators. It’ll be interesting to see how they influence each other and the Senate overall.

  12. TruthSeeker99 June 8, 2024

    I trust Pol Maj Gen Pisit more. His background in security is exactly what the Senate needs. Phanuwat’s appointment feels like a joke.

  13. AstroFan June 8, 2024

    Yay Phanuwat! He’s fascinating and multi-talented! He will surprise everyone.

  14. Bo J. June 8, 2024

    A mix of perspectives is necessary. We can wait and see how Phanuwat does before dismissing him outright.

  15. Kevin M. June 8, 2024

    People are underestimating Pol Maj Gen Pisit. His tech background will be invaluable.

  16. Jill June 8, 2024

    Honestly, both bring something different and that’s valuable. Let’s give them both a chance.

  17. MonkeyKing June 8, 2024

    An astrologer in politics is ridiculous. Next thing you know, we’ll have psychics predicting policy outcomes.

  18. Hyacinth June 8, 2024

    There have always been varied backgrounds in politics. It isn’t absurd if he’s qualified otherwise.

  19. Cheryl June 8, 2024

    It’s all a matter of perspective. We should give both a fair chance.

  20. Nina June 8, 2024

    As someone who appreciates astrology, I’m thrilled to see it represented! It’s a unique form of wisdom.

  21. Omar June 8, 2024

    Astrology belongs in horoscopes, not governmental policy.

  22. Lover797 June 8, 2024

    Does anyone know the exact policies Phanuwat has supported? That might help us understand his appointment better.

  23. Ray June 8, 2024

    He was an honorary adviser on religions, arts, and cultures. So he has contributed to policy outside astrology.

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