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Police Raid Factory in Nonthaburi: Busting a Major Counterfeit Allergy Syrup Operation

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A police officer inspects a factory producing fake allergy syrup during a raid in Sai Noi district of Nonthaburi province on Friday.

In a dramatic turn of events, police have dismantled an illicit operation manufacturing counterfeit allergy syrup in Nonthaburi. This strategic raid has led to the apprehension of the factory’s owner and manager. Sweeping through the facility with a search warrant authorized by the Nonthaburi Provincial Court, investigators from the Metropolitan Police Division 7 were determined to eradicate this fraudulent operation.

Nestled on a sprawling 9-rai (14,400-square-metre) plot in the tambon Rat Niyom of Sai Noi district, the factory was bustling with illicit activity. During the raid, law enforcement seized a staggering 12,000 bottles of counterfeit allergy syrup, 80,000 empty bottles, and a variety of equipment essential for producing these fake medications. Each bottle was adorned with forged “Allerin Syrup” labels, making it difficult for consumers to detect the scam.

The brain behind this deceptive operation, Mee, a 37-year-old accomplice, and Thawee, his 25-year-old manager, were promptly detained. Curiously, the authorities chose not to disclose their surnames.

The crackdown was launched after a representative from the legitimate Allerin Syrup brand raised alarm over counterfeit products being distributed online under their name. This complaint, lodged at the Thammasala police station, spurred a detailed investigation that ultimately led the police to the factory’s doorstep.

In a surprising confession, Mee admitted that he and Thawee had been producing fake allergy syrup under the Allerin brand. Their devious business plan involved delivering these counterfeits to agents and online customers using their network of associates.

Remarkably candid, Mee revealed that their unauthorized production had been ongoing for four to five months. Each month, the factory managed to move about 50 boxes of fake syrup, with each box containing 200 bottles and priced at 9,000 baht. This underhanded operation was raking in an impressive 450,000 baht per month.

Meanwhile, Natthawut Simanurak, the sales manager of the legitimate Allerin company, was reeling from the impact. The counterfeit drugs inflicted an estimated 100 million baht worth of damage to their business. Natthawut was convinced that the operation had been running for at least a year, flooding drugstores and unsuspecting teenage customers with fake products.

With the suspects now in police custody, legal proceedings are set to follow, promising to deliver justice over this audacious scheme. The diligence and swift action of the investigative team have put a decisive end to a fraudulent operation that not only undermined a respected brand but also jeopardized consumer safety.


  1. Jane D June 22, 2024

    It’s shocking how easily they managed to run this operation for months! What were the authorities doing all this time?

    • John June 22, 2024

      Totally agree. You’d think with all the tech we have nowadays, this wouldn’t go unnoticed for so long.

      • Dr. Smith June 22, 2024

        The issue is that counterfeit operations are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Authorities are often under-resourced.

      • Jane D June 22, 2024

        That’s probably true, but it’s frustrating when you think about how many people could have been harmed.

  2. Ally June 22, 2024

    Can you imagine how many people might have gotten sick from this fake syrup? Scary stuff!

    • AntiqueShopper88 June 22, 2024

      Exactly. It makes you question the integrity of what you’re buying. How can we trust products now?

      • Wyatt June 22, 2024

        The real problem is the lack of stringent checks. We need more regulation.

  3. Dr. Patel June 22, 2024

    As a healthcare provider, I’m appalled. This puts patient lives at serious risk!

    • Karen444 June 22, 2024

      This is why I always buy from reputable sources. But not everyone has that option.

      • Dr. Patel June 22, 2024

        Education is key. People need to be more aware of where they purchase their medications.

      • SysAdmin June 22, 2024

        But even reputable sources can be deceived by realistic counterfeits. This situation proves it.

  4. Rick June 22, 2024

    Just another day in the world of crime! Nothing surprises me anymore.

    • Sharon L June 22, 2024

      That’s so cynical, but kind of true. There’s always some new scam popping up.

  5. Larry Davis June 22, 2024

    The damage to Allerin’s business is huge! 100 million baht! Can they even recover from that?

  6. NinjaCoder June 22, 2024

    It’s mind-blowing how much money they were making monthly. Almost half a million baht!

    • Scooby June 22, 2024

      Just goes to show, crime pays…until it doesn’t.

  7. Grower134 June 22, 2024

    I hope they throw the book at these guys. What a disgusting operation!

    • Me Too June 22, 2024

      Agreed. It’s despicable that someone would put other people’s health at risk for profit.

  8. Hailey June 22, 2024

    I feel bad for the customers who were duped. They probably had no clue they were buying fake meds.

    • RyanQ June 22, 2024

      Exactly. It’s scary because you trust these products to be safe.

      • Hailey June 22, 2024

        Yeah, and it might have led to people not getting the right treatment. That’s terrifying!

  9. judgeJury June 22, 2024

    Mee and Thawee should be jailed for life. This is pure evil, preying on people like this.

    • Linda June 22, 2024

      Life might be too harsh, but they definitely need to be punished severely.

  10. Sam June 22, 2024

    Wonder if there are more such factories out there. One big bust doesn’t mean the problem is solved.

  11. Angela June 22, 2024

    This case shows just how valuable whistleblowers can be. Kudos to the Allerin representative!

  12. Theo June 22, 2024

    They must have had some serious distribution channels to get these fakes out there so widely.

    • Parker June 22, 2024

      No kidding. They weren’t just a small operation. This was big-time organized crime.

  13. Emma June 22, 2024

    When brands take a hit like this, it erodes consumer trust. Rebuilding that can be a long, hard road.

  14. GroovyDude June 22, 2024

    What if the real problem is the high cost of medication, driving people to buy cheaper, riskier alternatives?

    • Jules June 22, 2024

      That’s a valid point. Like, if legitimate meds were more affordable, maybe there wouldn’t be such a market for fakes.

  15. Lucy June 22, 2024

    How can we better protect ourselves from buying counterfeit products?

    • Ralph June 22, 2024

      Stick to well-known pharmacies and avoid online purchases from unknown sources.

    • Ben June 22, 2024

      But the big pharmacy chains sometimes get duped too. It’s a tough situation.

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