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Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s Vision: Revving Up Thailand’s Economy and Tourism

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Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin is poised to ignite Thailand’s economic engine in his inaugural “Khui Kap Srettha” (Talk to Srettha) monthly broadcast. Set against the grand backdrop of Government House on a serene Saturday morning, Srettha shared his vision of a thriving economy, likening it to a 12-cylinder Ferrari currently firing on only six or seven cylinders. But with determination, he believes the government can rev up Thailand’s engine to full throttle.

The premier’s first address, aired on state-owned NBT Channel 11 and simultaneously streamed on the MCOT radio network and various social media platforms, was a stirring call to arms. Srettha was candid about the challenges that lie ahead. Despite the Pheu Thai Party’s tireless efforts, he acknowledged that progress might not be as swift as hoped due to a mélange of influencing factors.

“Although we always work to the best of our ability, sometimes the work slows down with several other factors involved,” Srettha reflected. “We can’t simply do just what we want to as we aren’t the only party to decide on and implement new work.”

Indeed, the labyrinthine layers of coalition parties, opposition, parliament, civil servants, and NGOs dissect every government move, inevitably causing delays. Take, for instance, the quest to tackle high energy prices. Just the mere suggestion of considering a nuclear power plant incites opposition.

“The cheapest energy is that generated at a nuclear power plant,” Srettha pointed out. “However, while everyone seems to want cheap energy, no one wants such a power-generating facility to be built near them.”

Nonetheless, Srettha has initiated a feasibility study on whether a nuclear power plant could be a viable option for Thailand. His pragmatic approach extends to other pressing issues, too.

Srettha didn’t shy away from the controversial topic of legalizing casino gambling. He illuminated the underground gambling industry’s worth, which he claimed racks up trillions of baht without contributing a single baht to society. “Should we legalise these gambling businesses so that we could reap more tax revenue from them?” he posed thoughtfully. “Is it time for this country to accept the fact that many other countries already have allowed casinos?”

Debunking rumors that he’s biased towards Pheu Thai strongholds, Srettha declared, “I am the prime minister of all Thais in all parts of the country, not the prime minister of only Pheu Thai [and its supporters].” His provincial visits, he said, allow him to discover traditional crafts, which become treasured souvenirs for VIPs on his international travels. Handmade scarves of Phet Ratchawat from Phetchaburi, for instance, were highly appreciated.

The Prime Minister revealed his penchant for unannounced visits, a method to witness real-world problems firsthand. His spur-of-the-moment trip to Suvarnabhumi airport recently highlighted areas for improvement, all directed towards enhancing the airport’s global ranking.

“Given that tourism promotion is a flagship policy of the government, Thailand can ill afford to lose visitors who might be upset upon arriving by a long queue at immigration,” Srettha emphasized. His visit brought about significant improvements, including a KPI that incoming passengers should claim their luggage within 45 minutes of landing.

On the move, Srettha spent his Saturday in Chon Buri, exploring Koh Lan off Pattaya’s coast. A hotspot for day-trippers, the island attracts over 500,000 visitors monthly, creating a pressing garbage disposal issue. Srettha’s focus is on resolving these waste management challenges.

In a social media post on X, Srettha expressed optimism about the long-delayed sports stadium in Pattaya, assuring that the new 20,000-seat venue would be completed next year. Beyond hosting sports events, the stadium is envisioned as a premier site for world-class concerts.

Sunday’s agenda includes a visit to U-tapao airport in Rayong to discuss plans for developing commercial spaces as part of the Eastern Economic Corridor scheme. Srettha’s ambitions soar as he later returns to Pattaya, eyeing a future Formula One race at Khao Phra Tamnak.

With his hands full and eyes set on future growth, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin seems determined to drive Thailand towards a prosperous and exhilarating future.


  1. Joe June 22, 2024

    Srettha’s Ferrari analogy is amusing, but does he really believe he can rev up Thailand’s economy that easily?

    • Samantha K. June 22, 2024

      It might sound simplistic, but a strong vision and leadership can make a significant difference. Look at other countries that have managed economic turnaround.

      • criticalthinker99 June 22, 2024

        That’s a bit too optimistic. Thailand has deep-rooted issues that won’t be resolved by just revving up engines.

        • Joe June 22, 2024

          Exactly, the bureaucracy alone could slow any rapid progress. Let’s be realistic here.

        • Raquel June 22, 2024

          Change always comes slowly in politics, but at least he’s addressing key issues.

  2. MT510 June 22, 2024

    A nuclear power plant in Thailand? Is he serious? That’s a recipe for disaster!

    • environmentalist88 June 22, 2024

      I completely agree. Nuclear plants bring so many environmental and safety concerns, especially in a country prone to natural disasters.

      • Samantha K. June 22, 2024

        But isn’t it worth conducting a feasibility study? We need affordable and reliable energy sources.

        • MT510 June 22, 2024

          There are other renewable energy options. We don’t have to jump to nuclear right away.

    • techy123 June 22, 2024

      Nuclear energy could be a game-changer for Thailand’s power issues if managed properly.

  3. Alice P. June 22, 2024

    Legalizing casinos? That seems like a slippery slope. Do we really want to encourage gambling?

    • advocate42 June 22, 2024

      It’s already happening underground. Legalizing could bring regulations and generate tax revenue.

      • Alice P. June 22, 2024

        Regulations might help, but it could also lead to higher gambling addiction rates.

    • grower134 June 22, 2024

      Every country has casinos. We need to catch up and capitalize on the revenue stream.

      • Dan W. June 22, 2024

        Exactly. Safe and regulated gambling is better than illegal underground operations.

  4. Victor June 22, 2024

    Unannounced visits to monitor services? That’s a real hands-on approach!

    • practical_paul June 22, 2024

      True, but it could just be a PR stunt. Real change happens through policies, not surprise visits.

      • Victor June 22, 2024

        Maybe, but it shows that he’s genuinely interested in the real issues.

  5. Jessie L. June 22, 2024

    Improving garbage disposal on Koh Lan is long overdue. It’s about time someone took this seriously.

  6. Mario77 June 22, 2024

    A Formula One race in Pattaya would be incredible! Imagine the tourism boost.

    • speedgeek June 22, 2024

      Totally! But the infrastructure might be a challenge. Are they even ready for such an event?

      • Mario77 June 22, 2024

        Valid point. But think of the international attention. They can work on the infrastructure as part of the preparation.

  7. Larry Davis June 22, 2024

    Srettha’s plans sound promising on paper, but implementation is key. Many leaders have had big dreams that faded once reality hit.

  8. EcoLover June 22, 2024

    I hope Srettha focuses more on renewable energy and sustainable tourism. We can’t afford to ignore the environment.

  9. hardtruth June 22, 2024

    Another stadium? Sounds like a waste of money when there are more pressing issues to address.

  10. patriot_girl June 22, 2024

    Srettha visiting provinces and learning about traditional crafts is a nice touch. It’s important to stay connected to the roots.

  11. Tanya J. June 22, 2024

    He better manage U-tapao airport well. With its strategic location, it can really boost the economy.

  12. Eduardo M. June 22, 2024

    Enhancing airport efficiency is great, but let’s see if they maintain these improvements long-term.

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