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Queens Silvia and Suthida Unite at Bangkok Summit for Child Protection Advocacy

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Amid the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, two regal figures stood out at the United Nations Conference Centre on a sun-drenched Thursday in 2024. Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden, with her charismatic grace, and Her Majesty Queen Suthida of Thailand, with her poise, attended the much-anticipated Child Protection Summit. Their combined presence not only illuminated the event but also underscored the global dedication to a cause that silently screams for attention.

It’s not every day that royalty speaks candidly about the shadows lurking in our societies. Yet, Queen Silvia of Sweden, a beacon of hope and advocacy, took to the stage with a message so potent it resonated beyond the marbled walls of the conference room. She addressed the unnerving subject of child sexual abuse—a topic that many find too disturbing to even whisper about. “Child sexual abuse is difficult and unpleasant to speak about. It is so for me, too. As a woman, as a mother and grandmother and as a Queen. But silence does not make it go away. Silence only helps perpetrators,” she expressed, her words slicing through the silence like a sword through the heart of complacency.

Imagine for a moment, a world where conversations that matter are engulfed in silence. That’s the reality Queen Silvia refused to accept. “Child sexual abuse happens everywhere and in every country of the world, every culture and every society. And if I do not speak up, we do not speak up, who will? To change something, awareness is first and necessary,” she declared, ushering a call to action that echoed around the world.

At the Child Protection Summit Bangkok 2024, an event held under the collaborative umbrellas of the World Childhood Foundation and SafeguardKids Foundation, Queen Silvia didn’t just speak; she sparked a movement. She reminded everyone that in 2015, when the Sustainable Development Goals were rolled out like a blueprint for a better world, the global leaders had pledged to eliminate all forms of violence against children by 2030. Yet, as she pointed out, with a blend of hope and realism, the journey is far from complete.

Zooming in on Thailand, Queen Silvia applauded the significant strides made in 2015 with the criminalization of possession of child sexual abuse materials. However, she was quick to highlight the hydra-headed monster that the digital age has birthed—online sexual abuse. Her call was clear: More tech, more watchful eyes, and more proactive steps are requisite.

Queen Silvia’s words painted a vivid picture: “We need to show children we stand firmly on their side and show them we are ready to see, to risk and to believe in what they tell us. We also need to show the perpetrators that we see them and that they cannot hide.” This isn’t just a fight; it’s a pledge to shield the innocents.

She championed a united front, emphasizing the crucial role of policies and international collaboration in combatting this borderless crime. It was a clarion call for shared wisdom, shared responsibilities, and shared victories.

Post-summit, Queen Silvia continued to be a vessel of insight, sharing nuggets of wisdom like keeping computers in shared family spaces to foster an environment of transparency and protection. She also cast a hopeful glance towards the corridors of Silicon Valley, urging Big Tech to shoulder their part of the responsibility, for the sake of children everywhere.

Since founding the World Childhood Foundation in 1999, Queen Silvia has been a relentless warrior in the fight against child sexual abuse and exploitation. Her vision is simple, yet profound: a world where every child basks in the glory of a childhood untainted by sexual abuse. As she shared her insights and hopes at the Child Protection Summit, it was evident that her commitment isn’t just royal—it’s revolutionary.


  1. Sandra Lee May 16, 2024

    Wow, it’s inspiring to see figures like Queen Silvia taking a stand on such critical issues. Child sexual abuse is a global crisis and demands global solutions.

    • realist_thinker May 16, 2024

      Inspiring, yes, but how much can royals actually accomplish? Aren’t these just words at the end of the day?

      • Sandra Lee May 16, 2024

        I see your point, but raising awareness is a huge part of the battle. Their words can lead to action, especially coming from influential figures.

      • TechGal89 May 16, 2024

        Exactly! Plus, the awareness they bring can push tech companies and governments to take more concrete steps.

    • SusanK May 16, 2024

      It’s all well and good until we talk about implementing real change. Legislation, education, and tech solutions are needed, not just speeches.

  2. GuardianAngel May 16, 2024

    The point about keeping computers in shared spaces is so simple yet so effective. It’s great advice for parents.

  3. Derick May 16, 2024

    As much as I respect Queen Silvia’s efforts, I believe we’re focusing too much on the symptoms rather than the root causes of child sexual abuse.

    • Jenny87 May 16, 2024

      Right, but addressing symptoms is also crucial. We have to tackle this issue from all angles to make any real progress.

    • Marie_C May 16, 2024

      I’d like to know what you consider the ‘root causes’? Poverty? Education? Let’s not oversimplify a complex problem.

      • Derick May 16, 2024

        Marie_C, good point. I was referring to factors like poverty, lack of education, and systemic inequalities. Tackling these would reduce the vulnerability of children to abuse.

  4. Jack_Sparrow May 16, 2024

    Thailand stepping up its game in the fight against child abuse is commendable. It’s time other countries did the same.

    • Emily_R May 16, 2024

      Absolutely! It shouldn’t just be a national effort but a global one. International collaboration is key.

  5. MeganR May 16, 2024

    I’m curious about the tech part. How can Silicon Valley actually help in tangible ways to prevent child abuse?

    • TechDude101 May 16, 2024

      MeganR, there’s a lot tech companies can do, from developing algorithms that detect abusive content to creating safer digital environments for kids.

    • LilyP May 16, 2024

      And don’t forget about privacy concerns. It’s a delicate balance between surveillance for protection and violating personal freedoms.

  6. George_W May 16, 2024

    The goal to eliminate all forms of violence against children by 2030 is ambitious. Realistically, how close are we to achieving this?

    • SamanthaB May 16, 2024

      Not close enough, George_W. But having goals is important for progress, even if we fall short.

    • Philosopher_King May 16, 2024

      It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Change takes time, especially when it’s on a global scale.

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