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Record-Breaking Boom! Thai Tourism Skyrockets as Extended Holiday Drives Unprecedented Surge in Visitors: Unseen Profits or Unsustainable Hype?

The director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand office in Loei, the respected Jariyathorn Suhu, recently revealed a surge in tourist activity in the region. This rush was triggered by the addition of Monday, the 31st of July, to the calendar of public holidays resulting in an extended six-day break. Such an influx of tourists led to hotels in the province, famed for its beauty and cultural significance, experiencing an unexpected and quick occupancy.

In popular tourist destinations, like the renowned Chiang Khan walking street, there was a significant increase in hotel bookings. Suhu informed that the accommodations here were completely booked for the six-day duration. Other places also seen a high occupancy rate with 80% of the hotels filled during the break.

Among the places experiencing heightened traffic were hotels and resorts located close to notable tourist attractions. These include the Skywalk and the Thai Cultural Village situated in the scenic Chiang Khan district. Phrathat Sri Song Rak, the much-praised stupa in honor of two loves, located in Dan Sai district, also observed an increased influx.

Tourists thronged Wat Somdej Phu Ruea Ming Muang, a site of devotion and spirituality. Phu Ruea National Park and the highland farming site in Phu Ruea district which offer an unrivalled experience of the riches of Thai flora and fauna were also bustling with visitors. Visitors also flooded the revered Phu Suan Sai National Park in Na Haew district and Bor Bid National Park situated in the bustling Muang district.

In the commentary given by Suhu, he mentioned that the heightened tourist influx began from Friday itself, marking the first day of the long weekend. With a cheer in his voice, he clearly expressed the positive impact this had on the local tourism and hospitality sector.

The benefits of this sudden surge of tourists weren’t just limited to hotels and resorts. Other local businesses have been blooming during the break as well, with souvenir shops, and restaurants experiencing increased sales. All these factors combined, painted a rather successful picture of the tourism scene in the northern province during the unexpectedly extended break.

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