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Revolution in HealthCare: Thonburi Healthcare Launches ‘Prompt Care’ App, Bringing Doctors to Your Fingertips!

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In the current dynamic healthcare world, we’re witnessing the rising power of “Telemedicine” as a driving technological force in restructuring the international healthcare sector radically. This impressive wave has shown incredible, continual growth, majorly buoyed by the rising necessity for maintaining physical distancing due to the unnerving spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. With an increasing number of consumers adopting online, multiple-channel medical consultation and diagnosis solutions, telemedicine technology marking a significant presence in healthcare systems. It’s facilitating smooth transfers of healthcare data, such as medical records, lab results, X-ray scans, meeting schedules, and enabling real-time interactions between doctors and their patients.

Emerging as a leader in the deployment of this transformative technology is Thonburi Healthcare Group Public Company Limited (THG). THG has been pioneering the field of telemedicine much before the outbreak of the pandemic, recognising early on its potential as the impending trend in healthcare. In an initiative to drive the growth of businesses in the realm of telemedicine, THG established Telehealth Care Company Limited, under the mentorship of the reputed Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital. Their mission primarily consists of undertaking significant projects in collaboration with the hospitals in the THG network and external organisations.

One of the recent, most innovative projects that Telehealth Care has worked on is the “Prompt Care” app, an intuitive, well-rounded online medical assistance tool. This cutting-edge application provides users with a wide range of professional healthcare services. The wide array of provisions include virtual consultations with medical experts, making appointment bookings, receiving medication suggestions, facilitation of medical equipment delivery, insurance claims management, secure handling of personal health data, and even quality-of-life features like immediate medical certificate download post service reception.

Suchaya Sanghan, CEO of Telehealth Care Company Limited, simplifies the “Prompt Care” app’s purview as putting “online doctors at your fingertips”. The app functions around three fundamental pillars:

  • Tele-Medicine: Provides customers with thorough medical examinations by proficient specialists from 16 THG branches, covering a wide selection of medical fields.
  • Tele-Wellness: Primarily targets preventive healthcare by recommending personalised vitamins based on one’s test results and delivering them to the client’s doorstep.
  • Pharmacist Consultation: Offers professional advice on appropriate utilization of medication and dietary supplements, which is crucial for those that may face economic drawbacks or lack insurance support.

Keeping in consideration these essences, Telehealth Care aspires to combat three prominent healthcare challenges:

  • Designing a comprehensive health-care ecosystem that amalgamates health information, employs medical technology, and elevates service offerings.
  • Adapting to the rapidly changing world, where health, physical wellbeing, and fitness take the front seat.
  • Providing assistance to those in need of medical advice but may lack the monetary resources, insurance coverage, or wish to evade steep healthcare costs.

Telehealth Care is also actively working towards the creation of new projects, aiming to present alternative healthcare solutions. Their focus remains on establishing an ecosystem that fully embraces the modern revolution in healthcare and accommodates the changing lifestyle of modern-day individuals.

With telemedicine channels now readily accessible, patients can avail professional medical services with convenience. They can consult with doctors from the comfort of their homes or workplaces and receive certified medical prescriptions at their chosen timing and location. “Prompt Care” is a valuable digital health tool that can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android users. Additional information on the app can be found on the official social media channels of PromptCareApp on Facebook, Instagram, LINE, and TikTok.

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