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Revolution in Thai Agriculture: Farmers Get Full Land Rights, but with Shocking Conditions Attached!

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The committee has ratified, in general terms, the conversion of holdings documented by Sor Por Kor 4-01, a certificate possessed by agricultural workers, into authenticated land title deeds. Yet, there are certain prerequisites that must be satisfied:

  • The designated land should be strictly used for agriculture and farming purposes.
  • Subject to legislation, the exchange of such land is permitted solely among qualified agriculturists.
  • In line with the guidelines from the Agricultural Land Reform Office (ALRO), beneficial flora must be cultivated on the allocated land.
  • The land can serve as collateral property for dealings with all financial organizations, with particular emphasis on government-operated institutions.
  • It’s required that the farmers possess the Sor Por Kor 4-01 certificate and have actively farmed the land for a period of no less than five years.

An estimated 1.62 million agriculturists, with collective holdings of 22.07 rai (equivalent to 3.53 hectares), are entitled to transform their Sor Por Kor 4-01 certificates into formal land deeds, the committee’s spokesperson revealed. Furthermore, the responsibility of overseeing this conversion process has been entrusted to the ALRO.

The committee also re-emphasized a particularly noteworthy date – the 15th of January next year. This is when the very first land deed for agriculture is expected to be awarded to the farmers, thereby making it official. It is their hope that over the coming five years, regional land reform offices will issue these new title deeds to all eligible farmers.

The spokesperson, Thamanat, further stated that the committee greenlit a scheme that allots agricultural land to the successors of deceased owners. This scheme is set in motion for execution by July 15 next year.

The necessity for this project evolved as multiple landowners, specifically 171,434 in number, failed to report to the ALRO. These landowners’ successors can reach out to regional land reform offices and their respective mobile units across the country for seeking claims.

Additionally, the committee extended its support towards launching a scheme that provides relief to farmers burdened with debt to the agriculture land reform fund. The following prerequisites qualify the farmers for this relief program:

  • The remaining principal amount across all contracts, calculated upto September 30 this year, must not exceed 300,000 baht.
  • Farmers should have a reliable track record of repaying debts, along with the capacity to defer debt repayment and relinquish interest.

This debt alleviation project commences its first phase from November 1 this year, extending through October 31 next year. Subsequent to this phase, an evaluation will be conducted before progressing with phases two and three of the project. The committee’s spokesperson confirmed that as many as 17,806 agricultural workers are eligible for this program. These farmers should register their participation at their nearest land reform offices.

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