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Scandalous Capture at Airport: Ex-Minister & Former Pattaya Mayor Caught in the Web of Massive Corruption Case!

The once highly respected figure, Itthipol Khunpluem, former Minister of Transport and Mayor of Pattaya City, continues to attract the attention of the masses as he was recently taken into custody upon his return from Cambodia. A mammoth corruption case has been looming over him, leading to an immediate action by Thai Immigration Police.

The Corruption Case Office Two of Rayong Province has been diligently working on this case, diving deep into the details of several allegations. The most significant of these charges comes from a judicial order issued by the Rayong Provincial Corruption and Misbehaviour Court. This order asserts numerous acts of misconduct during Itthipol’s stint as the Mayor of Pattaya City.

The focal point of this case pivots around the controversial decision dating back to 2008 – the issuance of a construction permit viewed by many as illegal. The key argument is that Itthipol facilitated a company with this permit, paving the way for them to launch the Waterfront project in Pattaya, Chon Buri.

It must be noted that Itthipol, using his acumen and resources, managed to dodge the legal proceedings for an unexpectedly extended period despite the summons to attend court. The complainant, having exhausted all other alternatives and driven by Itthipol’s continued evasion, had to request the court to issue an arrest warrant.

The need for swift action was further emphasized by the impending expiration of the case’s statute of limitations, due on September 10. Astonishingly, Itthipol had managed to flee the country before the issuance of the arrest warrant.

Itthipol’s evasion tale was put to a halt though, as the Immigration Police officials on duty at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Samut Prakan identified and detained him immediately after his return from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. His arrival was marked by flight KR701 touching the Thai soil at 10am.

Once detained, standard procedure kicked in. Authorities started documenting the incident and initiated the necessary preparations for transferring Itthipol to the Corruption Case Office Two in Rayong Province.

This incident marks a critical turning point in a case that has piqued interest across the nation. It holds considerable future implications for the legal discourse surrounding the former Minister of Transport and Mayor of Pattaya City- as reported by Khaosod. Stay updated with all the latest developments by following The Thaiger’s latest stories on its new Facebook page HERE.

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