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Shattering Revelation: Thailand’s St. Andrews International Schools Join Global Health Rally – An Unprecedented Focus on Digital Wellbeing!

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Well-being is a central focus of the education framework at St. Andrews International Schools located in Thailand. On the 29th of September, 2023, our beloved students will join forces with 85,000 other youth around the globe to advocate for the crucial role of wellness in education. Signifying our fifth year of engagement in this global event, we proudly reaffirm our dedication to the welfare of everyone within our school ecosystem.

Deviating from usual curricular activities, St. Andrews International Schools, in unity with the larger family of over 100 Cognita schools worldwide, will dedicate the entirety of this day to Global Be Well Day. Expressing our sentiments on this initiative, the school’s Managing Director, Charasphan Chamsai, says, “Wellbeing forms the bedrock of our education programs throughout the year. On this momentous day, we converge with educational communities from 16 distinct nations, basking in our shared determination to fortify wellbeing.”

Global Be Well Day, now celebrating its fifth anniversary, spawns an expansive array of activities centered around the Be Well Charter of Cognita. Fully embracing this occasion, St. Andrews International Schools, mirrored by its dynamic student community, teachers, and parent bodies, will hone an all-encompassing approach that encapsulates the integral physical and psychological aspects of wellbeing as demarcated by the Charter.

In the digital age that we navigate daily, cultivating healthy online habits is imperative. Vice President of Cognita Schools Asia, Sameer Aggarwal, stipulates the theme for this year’s event: “Digital Wellbeing”. He comments, “We aspire to nurture an objective and deliberate mindset towards our online presence. This aspect profoundly influences our physical and mental wellbeing, given the central role that technology occupies in our swiftly evolving world. With great anticipation, we look forward to delving into this crucial subject at our St. Andrews International Schools in Thailand on this year’s Global Be Well Day.”

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