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Shocking Monkey Evacuation: Thousands of Macaques Uprooted in Thailand’s Bold Bid to Save Urban Peace!

In a triumph of human-animal coordination, a path-breaking project has been witnessing a relocating process of numerous Crab-eating macaques from communities within Phetchaburi to an idyllic island in Phuket. The result? A resounding success! The Environment and Natural Resources Ministry jubilantly announced this major milestone on a bright Thursday, noting this achievement has set the stage for relocating more monkeys from escalating macaque populace within the province and its nearby region, Prachuap Khiri Khan, to numerous island vicinity.

The motive driving this relocation are entwined with the ministry’s purpose to mitigate the burgeoning impact due to rapid population growth of these macaques on the local communities, shared experienced advisor to the Natural Resources and Environment Minister, Yuthapol Angkinan.

Yuthapol, who was set on this path by Environment and Natural Resources Minister Varawut Silpa-archa to find solutions to mounting macaque-related issues in Phetchaburi. These agile animals have amplified a series of complaints, including home invasions to pilfer food, the destruction of lampposts, and unprovoked attacks on tourists, commuters, and students mainly within Phetchaburi’s Muang district.

The situation spiralled when Phetchaburi’s Muang district started witnessing rocketing numbers of Crab-eating macaques, jumping from around 9,500 in April to an intimidating figure of 20,000 at present, as highlighted by Phetchaburi Governor Natthachai Namphunsuksan.

Due to the macaques’ status as a protected species following the 2019 Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act, the province found itself in a tight spot to sort the crisis stirred by these zealous creatures. This led to an outcry among locals, asking for the monkeys to be excluded from the protected species list.

Turning full circle, the pilot project, which began five years ago, threw light on the promising adaptation of the relocated macaques in their new habitat on Payu Island, Phuket. Yuthapol vouched on how these amiable creatures did not disrupt the tranquillity among locals or impact natural resources adversely.

They seem to have found solace in the mangrove forests on the island, contributing significantly to its environmental preservation. This observation is baed on the project findings.

Veterinarian Pattaraphon Maneeon announced refined surveying and assessment processes being initiated for more islands in neighboring provinces, appraising their viability for relocating more macaques from Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan. Assurances of public hearings to be conducted before the approval of any forthcoming relocation plans were given.

In sync with these efforts, the ministry is also rolling out plans to control the macaque population via sterilisation processes was shared by Yuthapol.

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