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Sizzling TikTok Scandal: Foreign Woman Bares All on Chiang Mai Baht Bus – City’s Reputation at Stake!

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A TikTok video featuring a foreign woman provocatively exposing herself on the back of a red baht bus in downtown Chiang Mai has prompted the city’s baht bus cooperative, Nakornlanna Co, to call on its members to prevent such incidents in the future. The cooperative, which has 2,199 red baht bus operators in Chiang Mai, expressed concern that this type of behavior could negatively impact the city’s reputation as a place of beautiful culture and tourism, as well as the image of the red baht buses themselves.

Natthawut Chotethaweephun, president of Nakornlanna Co, responded to the three videos posted on the TikTok account under huanxi59, which is allegedly run by a Chinese girl. The videos showed a woman dancing provocatively on a red baht bus while donning a bra top and lowering her trousers to reveal her bottom and G-string panties. With each video having been viewed between 500,000 and one million times, Chotethaweephun urged baht bus operators to help identify the bus and driver involved in the incident.

Though it is not yet clear which red baht bus the woman boarded in the Tha Phae area, Chotethaweephun believes the driver might not have been aware of the passenger’s actions. Due to the limited visibility through the rearview mirror, it is possible that the driver was oblivious to the situation. Nonetheless, the cooperative has asked all members to be more vigilant in the future to ensure such incidents are avoided, preserving the image and reputation of both Chiang Mai and its baht bus services.

In light of these videos, the incident highlights the importance of maintaining a positive image for Chiang Mai and its transportation providers. The baht bus cooperative is determined to prevent any future occurrences of this nature, understanding that ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all passengers is crucial. Chiang Mai’s rich cultural heritage and reputation as a popular tourist destination must not be compromised by such displays.

Moving forward, the baht bus operators in Chiang Mai will likely work in unison to identify and prevent any similar incidents. As the city gears up for a resurgence in tourism post-pandemic, the transport providers strive to maintain a level of professionalism and uphold the cultural values Chiang Mai is known for. Hopefully, incidents like this will become a thing of the past as Chiang Mai and its vibrant red baht buses continue to serve as an integral part of the city’s charm and tourist appeal.

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