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Sparks Will Fly: Uncover the Flaming Euphoria at Pattaya’s International Fireworks Festival!

Plunge into an electrifying spectacle that’ll light up the night sky, with an array of pyrotechnic marvels choreographed by masters from Serbia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and the Philippines all set to take the stage on the evenings of November 24 and 25.

But the sensory grandeur doesn’t end there – it’s not just a treat for your eyes but also your ears as top singers and bands will share the stage, ready to sow beats and harmonies beneath the bursts of colors overhead.

Here’s the kaleidoscope of audio-visual bliss charted out by our audacious organisers:

November 24:

6pm: Heaven band kickstarts the evening with a concert; its rhythms soon wrapping the gathering crowd within its mesmerizing reach.
7pm: The ceremonious opening sets the tone for the explosive hours that follow.
7.30pm: Malaysia takes over the sky, painting it with fiery wonders bursting into a plethora of colors.
7.50pm: Singapore’s fireworks take flight flooding the sky with a array of shimmering shapes and trails.
8pm: Paper Planes enter the stage enthralling the crowd with their spellbinding music.
9pm: Serbia’s fireworks display hypnotizes with its dazzling spectacle.
9.20pm: China takes up the torch in an incandescent performance.
9.40pm: The Philippines finale clinches the night with their superbly orchestrated display.
10pm: Concert by Palmy wraps up the melodies for the night.
11pm: EDM takes the reigns, veiling the night in waves of irresistible beats.

November 25:

6pm: Super Toey & Ezy open the concert floodgates with their captivating tunes.
7.30pm: China again commands attention with its visual symphony.
7.50pm: Singapore’s reprise performance ensues a dazzling chromatic show.
8pm: Marc Tatchapol takes up the musical mantle.
9pm: Fireworks by Serbia illuminate the night sky.
9.20pm: A stunning display by the Philippines follows suit.
9.40pm: Malaysia sends the night sky ablaze with a stunning show of fireworks.
10pm: Anatomy Rabbit enters, tapping out tunes into the night.
11pm: EDM takes centerstage once again, beckoning the crowd towards a dance-worthy finale.

Drawing a crowd that often exceeds 400,000 spectators, the festival managed to churn out about 2 billion baht the previous year. This year, the Pattaya International Fireworks Festival is set to carry forward the same magnetic charm, attracting an influx of foreign visitors and serving as a testament to Thailand’s soft power on the global stage.

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