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Spectral Certifiers: Thai Student’s Bold Ghost-Free Guarantee for Haunted Apartments

Have you ever considered spending a night in an apartment where the echoes of the past ripple through the walls, creating an aura of mystery and perhaps, just perhaps, a hint of the supernatural? For the intrepid Wifei Cheng, a 21-year-old Thai-Taiwanese student at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, nestled in the enchanting city of Chiang Mai, this isn’t a mere thought experiment—it’s a bold business venture.

Picture this: Cheng, armed with courage and perhaps a pinch of skepticism, willingly volunteers to be the harbinger of peace for those tormented by the thought of spectral tenants. With a gleaming smile and a twinkle in his eye, he braves a night alone in apartments infamous for their eerie histories. And what’s his mission, you ask? To dispel the fog of fear with a robust, resounding declaration: “No ghosts here!” With this proclamation, he presents a “ghost-free” certificate, an emblem of assurance designed to soothe the jittery nerves of would-be renters or buyers.

The young student’s innovative service vows to replace the whispers of hauntings with the comforting blanket of certainty. His announcement on social media has stirred the cauldron of curiosity, amassing an array of inquiries, though the ghost of a first client is yet to materialize.

Cheng’s fee remains as mysterious as the spectral subjects he pursues—malleable, negotiable, and shrouded in the enigma of the unknown. Yet, his heart is open to a litany of twilight occupations, including standing vigil in the solemn silence of a funeral home or other reputedly haunted locales. Cheng beckons the supernatural to reveal itself, all the while extending a hand to those trembling in trepidation.

Joining Cheng’s spectral brigade is Sretthawut Boonprakhong, a 22-year-old college comrade and sidekick in this ghostly enterprise. Despite a self-professed fear of phantoms, Boonprakhong sees this eerie endeavor as a golden opportunity to close the book on ghoulish gossip once and for all. Yet, he’s not one to take chances; the young apprentice plans to arm himself with an arsenal of sacred amulets, turning himself into a mobile sanctuary as he stands guard against unseen forces.

This duo’s daring challenge to the ethereal is more than thrilling—it’s a tale of modern bravery, where smartphones clash with spirits, and science dances with lore. So, would you dare to sleep peacefully in an apartment where Cheng has certified the absence of apparitions? Or would the whisper of doubt still tickle the edges of your bravery? Either way, Cheng and Boonprakhong are the new ghostbusters in town, and their tale is one for the modern campfire—an electric saga of the spectral and the steadfast.

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