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Stop Gambling Foundation’s Innovative Campaign Targets Youth Online Gambling in Thailand

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The “Stop Gambling” Foundation, in collaboration with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, has embarked on an electrifying mission to curb the surge of online gambling among the youth in Thailand. Startling statistics disclose that over 3 million young Thais are involved in online gambling, with more than 1.4 million teetering on the brink of addiction. This trend has spiraled into a web of related issues, particularly during school breaks when kids have more downtime, making them more susceptible to the alluring trap of online gambling.

Recognizing the compelling allure and the hard-to-break habits of online gambling, the foundation upholds prevention as the most potent weapon. Instead of simply urging the young to halt their gambling habits, this innovative campaign, dubbed “Tit for Tat: Expose and Suppress Online Gambling,” is all about prevention. By leveraging flashy and fascinating concepts, the campaign spotlights the deceitful methods used by online gambling sites, utilizing a buddy-buddy communication style to help the youth understand the poisonous impact of gambling before they even consider starting.

The foundation ingeniously repurposes existing online gambling ads scattered across the internet, morphing these clips into powerful warning tools for youngsters. What makes this campaign a standout is its savvy use of clips that lack legal protection due to their illegal origins. By converting these videos into street-smart campaign messages, the foundation aims to flood various social media platforms with videos cleverly designed to mimic the layout of gambling sites, thereby drawing the youngsters’ attention.

Following the viral launch of their campaign video, the “Stop Gambling” Foundation and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation pulled off a bold forum themed “Tit for Tat: Expose and Suppress Online Gambling.” Styled to visually resemble online gambling sites, this unconventional forum was crafted to hook and hold the attention of young minds. Yet, beneath its flashy exterior, the forum revealed the manipulative strategies employed by various gambling sites. The event featured a special appearance by White8Z, a popular TikToker, and a poignant video message from Yuthana Boonorm, both speaking out against the misuse of these doctored clips by celebrities hawking inappropriate content.

This campaign goes beyond merely sounding alarms and spreading awareness. It also aims to spotlight the “Stop Gambling” Foundation and its helpline, @Rabaisaipanun. This helpline stands ready to lend an ear, provide support, and offer guidance to young people ensnared by online gambling, aiding them in breaking free from addiction’s grip and emerging stronger, ready to reintegrate into society with renewed vigor.


  1. P. Watson June 4, 2024

    I commend the ‘Stop Gambling’ Foundation for this creative approach. Using the gambling ads against themselves is pure genius.

    • Mikael_93 June 4, 2024

      I agree! It’s like countering fire with fire. More campaigns should adopt such innovative strategies.

      • Anna T. June 4, 2024

        As effective as that sounds, isn’t it risky to mimic gambling website layouts? It might still lure some kids in.

      • P. Watson June 4, 2024

        That’s a valid point, Anna. Hopefully, the educational content outweighs the risk. It’s a delicate balance for sure.

  2. GreenStripe June 4, 2024

    If kids are gambling online, maybe the issue lies deeper with parental guidance and social systems.

    • Lily J. June 4, 2024

      Totally! There needs to be more parental supervision and education about these dangers.

      • GreenStripe June 4, 2024

        Exactly, parents need to act as the first line of defense. Awareness starts at home.

      • Dr. Shaun June 4, 2024

        But can we really put all the blame on parents? The online environment is overwhelming and kids today are more tech-savvy than most adults.

  3. SAR_Angel June 4, 2024

    I’m skeptical. Are flashy campaigns really going to deter kids from gambling when they can be so addictive?

    • John Doe June 4, 2024

      Campaigns like these are a step in the right direction. Better than doing nothing, right?

      • SAR_Angel June 4, 2024

        Sure, but what’s needed is stringent regulation and education, not just flashy campaigns.

      • John Doe June 4, 2024

        Agreed, a multi-faceted approach would be ideal. But let’s give credit to the campaign for its innovative approach.

  4. Techy88 June 4, 2024

    Doesn’t this campaign just put the idea of gambling in kids’ heads who wouldn’t have thought of it otherwise?

    • Leo S. June 4, 2024

      Interesting perspective. But isn’t it better to expose and educate them early on?

      • Techy88 June 4, 2024

        Maybe. But it feels like walking a fine line. What if it backfires?

    • Dr. Shaun June 4, 2024

      Awareness is key. Ignorance of the problem won’t make it go away. Better to deal with the issue head-on.

  5. JoyVibes June 4, 2024

    The forum event seems like a lot of smoke and mirrors. Does it really address the root issues?

    • M_defender June 4, 2024

      Visual engagement is crucial to catch young minds’ attention these days. It’s about meeting them where they are.

    • JoyVibes June 4, 2024

      Sure, but isn’t it essential to focus on the substance more than the style?

    • White8Z June 4, 2024

      Events like these open up discussions that can lead to deeper interventions. It’s a starting point, not the end.

  6. Tanya_Lee June 4, 2024

    Really admire how they’re turning dubious ads into educational tools! It’s like a digital judo move against gambling sites.

    • Jonathon H. June 4, 2024

      Digital judo? I love that analogy! Transforming the threat into a lesson is brilliant.

  7. Chris P. June 4, 2024

    What are the numbers behind this campaign? Any evidence it’s working yet?

  8. Elliot June 4, 2024

    The inclusion of popular influencers like White8Z is a masterstroke. Kids are more likely to listen to their peers and idols.

    • Layla June 4, 2024

      True! Influencers have a massive impact these days. Smart move by the foundation.

    • Leo S. June 4, 2024

      However, are these influencers consistent with the campaign’s message, or is this just a one-time gig?

  9. Angela T. June 4, 2024

    Is there a focus on rehabilitation for those already addicted, or is it just about prevention?

  10. Tom W. June 4, 2024

    The helpline @Rabaisaipanun mentioned in the article sounds like a great resource. More visibility for such services is necessary.

    • Susan P. June 4, 2024

      Absolutely. Helplines can be a lifeline for kids facing addiction. We need more of these initiatives.

  11. GamerLife June 4, 2024

    How about we focus on regulating the gambling sites themselves! Why should kids even have access to these in the first place?

    • Mark R. June 4, 2024

      Regulation is key. These sites often bypass weak regulations, making it easier for kids to access them.

    • Dr. Shaun June 4, 2024

      Indeed. Stronger regulations alongside educational campaigns can tackle this issue more comprehensively.

  12. Ricky M. June 4, 2024

    I think the campaign’s buddy-buddy approach is just what’s needed to reach the youth. It’s relatable and friendly.

    • Angela T. June 4, 2024

      Relatability is indeed crucial for engaging young audiences. I hope it hits the mark.

  13. Kyla June 4, 2024

    Let’s not forget that gambling addiction can affect anyone. Adults need to be aware of this epidemic too.

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