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Sudan’s Combusting Crisis: Thai Citizens Flee for their Lives amid Bloodshed & Turmoil!

Ratchada Dhnadirek, the Deputy Government Spokesperson, announced on Tuesday that 212 Thai citizens, who had been evacuated from Sudan, reached Port Sudan safely. They are scheduled to be transported by boat to the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, where they will be waiting for a Royal Thai Airforce (RTA) plane to take them back to their homeland.

The RTA has been granted permission from Saudi Arabia to land in Jeddah and pick up the evacuees on Tuesday evening. Ratchada confirmed that the RTA aircraft would return to Bangkok the same night it picks up the passengers.

The Thai citizens in Sudan registered with the Foreign Ministry for evacuation after conflict broke out in the country. Additionally, three Thais will make their return journey with their legal foreign partners. These individuals left the Sudanese capital on Monday afternoon.

The unrest in Sudan began on April 11, when two opposing factions within the country’s military engaged in combat for control over the capital city. The conflict, primarily occurring in the sister cities of Omdurman and Khartoum North, has led to the displacement of tens of thousands of residents.

To date, the violence has resulted in the deaths of approximately 420 people, including 264 civilians, and left 3,700 others injured. The ongoing situation has prompted many citizens to seek evacuation and return to their home countries to ensure their safety.

Upon their arrival in Bangkok, the Southern Border Provinces Administration Centre will coordinate the transportation of the evacuees to their respective hometowns located in the southern regions of Thailand. The successful repatriation of these individuals demonstrates the Thai government’s commitment to protecting its citizens caught in conflict zones around the world.

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