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Teenagers in Thailand are encouraged to use Rohypnol by a risky social media fad

Rohypnol induces drowsiness and blackouts. The drug’s 20-30-minute effects endure 8-12 hours. In some nations, it’s a sleeping medicine. Thai insomniacs take Rohypnol. It’s not in pharmacies. A 25-year-old man shot his friend in Bangkok after taking rohypnol.

Blue tongues should be reported to police. Online Rohypnol may be cut with other drugs. Teens buy drugs online using the hashtag. Many women report being raped after drinking Rohypnol. Drug “knocks out” victims, leaving them vulnerable to rape, burglary, etc. In Thailand, Rohypnol is colored to deter misuse. Pharmaceutical companies made the pill green/blue so the color would change if it was mixed with a drink. Rohypnol is a psychotropic drug that requires a prescription, according to Thailand’s FDA.

Rohypnol is a Type 2 psychoactive substance in Thailand. You face 3 years in prison and/or a 60,000 baht fine without a prescription. Thai teens post photos and videos of their blue tongues under #BlueTongueTeenagers. The young man abused Rohypnol until he hallucinated and became violent. Unlicensed drug sales in Thailand are punishable by 4-20 years in prison and/or a 400,000-200,000 baht fine. Thai parents say a TikTok phenomenon encourages youngsters to take Rohypnol, or “roofies.”

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