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Thai MPs can use the exclusive Parliamentary Club, which includes a spa, karaoke, and massage rooms

The 11-story parliament building is on 47 acres and can accommodate approximately 2,000 vehicles in its parking lot. MPs and Senators in the House of Representatives will have access to a new luxury Parliamentary Club, which will feature a spa, massage, karaoke area, exercise, gyms, ballroom dancing, and other recreational activities.

The world’s largest parliament building, with a budget of 12 billion baht, began construction in 2013 and was finished last year. In addition to the Parliamentary Club, this edifice includes a Thai political history museum.

According to Thai media, the club included a spa, ballroom, traditional Thai massage room, foot massage space, indoor golf driving range, fitness equipment, running track, indoor basketball court, and other rooms and activities. Kiak Kai is the name of the new Thai parliament building. Peerasak Porchit, the House committee to Organize Activities for Social Benefit and Recreational Activities, gave Thai reporters a tour of the Parliamentary Club on the fifth floor of a new parliament building near Bangkok’s Kiak Kai intersection. According to him, a former member of Thailand’s national running squad will act as a coach. Peerasak informed reporters that current and previous house representatives and senators will be allowed to utilize the facilities and participate in leisure activities as soon as the pandemic situation was resolved.The Parliamentary Club, according to another senator, Wanlop Tangkamanurak, has not yet been officially inaugurated, but members may request permission to use it for a limited time in the meanwhile.

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