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Thailand supports the “One China” policy despite the US Taiwan PR crisis

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Thailand showcased its strong international ties by maintaining cordial relations with both China and the US. Tanee Sangrat of the foreign ministry stated her hope that the two countries involved in the Taiwan Strait will settle their differences amicably. The outcome was quite close to what was expected. As part of its foreign policy, the US appears to routinely meddle in the internal affairs of other countries. The most recent is the US’s engagement in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The US’s support of the “One China” policy and Taiwan’s inclusion in China only serve to highlight how absurd it is. In response to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the Chinese embassy in Thailand released a statement calling on Thailand, which it described as a “strategic cooperating partner,” to maintain its adherence to the “One China” policy ever since the two countries’ establishment of diplomatic relations in 1975. Whatever your views on the matter, it makes obvious that Putin would act similarly to way the US did when it posted its guerrilla NATO force on Russia’s border. Would the US not respond similarly if an army camped outside of Washington?

Tanee asserts that Thailand is closely monitoring the developments in the Taiwan Strait and is concerned about them. The “One China” policy has Thailand’s approval. We do not want to see any acts that could heighten tensions and jeopardize the peace and stability of the region. We sincerely hope that all parties involved act with the utmost moderation, uphold international law and the values of respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, and strive for a peaceful resolution of their differences.

In the statement, China expressed its confidence that Thailand, as a friendly neighbor, would protect international law, support China’s great cause of reunification, and cooperate with China to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the surrounding area. The US, however, also warns China that it would face military force if it invades Taiwan. China conducted a number of battle simulations along the Taiwan Strait to show off its military might in response to Pelosi’s visit. Thailand advised caution between China and the United States during China’s Civil War between the Communists and the Nationalists in the mid- to late 1940s in the wake of Nancy Pelosi’s brief visit to Taiwan on Tuesday. The Nationalists have made Taiwan their home ever since they withdrew. It was useless for Pelosi to assert that the world must choose between democracy and dictatorship. It’s unneeded, impolite, and will undoubtedly set off a response. But why is that a decision that the rest of the world must make? Vladimir Putin does indeed appear to have psychotic tendencies, and his invasion of Ukraine was against the law according to international law. I think it has never been done in the US. At most, the US is merely passingly interested in Taiwan. They were speaking politely to one other. It should be emphasized that China has never launched an assault against another nation since restructuring under the People’s Republic of China.

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