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Thailand’s Beach Paradise Revived: Koh Samui’s Tourism Skyrockets to Pre-Pandemic Levels!

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Imagine this – you’re at one of Koh Samui’s mesmerizing beaches in Surat Thani. The sand beneath your feet is as blindingly white as a sheet of freshly fallen snow. You’re lulled by the rhythmic lullaby of the waves, encased in a sphere of soothing tropical paradise. (Photo supplied)

You’re not alone in your desire for this haven. Located in the heart of Thailand’s southern province, the island resort Koh Samui is witnessing a significant revival of tourism. According to provincial governor Wichawut Jinto, July signaled a return to the robust tourism levels reminiscent of pre-Covid-19 times.

Not convinced? A peek at an air traffic report from the Aeronautical Radio of Thailand (Aerothai) should do the trick. Koh Samui’s airport proudly clinched the third spot for flight volume among regional airports in July, trailing just behind Phuket and Chiang Mai airports.

Let’s delve into the numbers, shall we? Phuket airport welcomed 7,264 flights over the month, whereas Chiang Mai’s tallied up to 4,487 flights. During this time, Koh Samui’s airport witnessed a total of 2,268 flights, averaging a robust 74 flights per day. Together, these ghosts of the sky ferried a total of 141,454 passengers to this island paradise with irresistible allure of pristine beaches, luxury resorts, and enticing Full Moon parties.

Meanwhile, Surat Thani airport acted as a gracious host to 754 flights, providing warm welcomes to 114,404 passengers. When combined, the flight tally at Surat Thani and Koh Samui airports added up to an impressive 3,022 flights, serving a collective total of 255,858 passengers throughout July.

This upsurge paints a comprehensive picture of the revival of Surat Thani’s tourism, echoing the pulsating beat it resonated with before the Covid-19 outbreak, noted Mr. Wichawut.

However, according to the governor, this isn’t enough. He envisages a sky filled with approximately 100 flights a day, ferrying eager tourists to the shores of Koh Samui. With the number of tourists stepping onto the island reaching 171,834 in August alone, this might not seem like too far a leap.

Surat Thani’s potential as a tourism hotspot is undeniable, opines the governor. With its two airports, a plethora of enticing land and sea attractions, affordable lodgings, bounty of delectable seafood, and the warmth extended by its local residents, it’s a place that captures hearts and imprints memories.

According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the domestic tourism sector in Thailand has seen a 93% revival compared to 2019, when Covid-19 first made its ominous appearance. This statistic stands as a testament to the resilience of Thailand’s tourism sector, and its powerful attraction for adventure seekers worldwide.

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