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Thailand’s increase in the price of prepared food

The cost of food that is prepared specifically for a customer will increase by 7.1%, according to a forecast from Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce. Khao phat kaphrao, a dish of beef, basil, and garlic, cost 62.2 baht in northeastern Thailand. The dish cost an average of 59 baht across the country. However, it seems that prices are going up in Thailand, particularly for ready-to-eat meals. These contained numerous food items, such as chicken and pig. In order to prevent dealers from increasing the price of illegal goods, Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit declared that he had given governors and commerce officials in every province instructions to review the prices of goods. The ministry announced a price freeze on 46 products.

The most recent price increase was on made-to-order cuisine. The survey reveals that while prices for dishes containing chicken have been steadily climbing since March, prices for dishes using pig have mostly stayed flat. According to Line Man Wongnai, a meal delivery service, the average price of a dish of food prepared to order increased by around 3.7 baht, or 6.7 percent, in May. In the first half of 2022, dinners with pig typically cost 64-69 Baht, while meals with other meats averaged 64-80 Baht. Both internationally and in Thailand, price inflation continues to be a problem. The dish that costs the most in Thailand is well-known. The price increase of 6.7 percent almost exactly matched the ministry’s prediction. Thailand’s metropolis, Bangkok, continues to have the highest prices, with other regions of the country experiencing significantly steeper price increases.

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