Thailand’s online SAIJAI homecare marketplace, which includes ‘on demand’ services for elderly or senior care, is one solution that addresses these demands. With more people working from home, having these services available when and as needed fills a gap in a hectic schedule. Thailand’s aging society is quickly expanding, with one-third of Thais aged 60 and older expected to make up one-third of the population by 2040. SAIJAI’s caregivers have a wide range of experience, including cleaning, companionship, and mobility, as well as those with more specialized knowledge. Other sorts of support include accompanying the elderly to Bumrungrad Hospital for medical appointments, taking a walk in Lumpini Park, or shopping at CentralWorld. Despite predictions that the country would witness a significant increase in the number of assisted living and nursing homes, COVID-19 proved to be a game-changer.

While many Thais have traditionally lived and grown up in multigenerational households with a larger family group, urbanization has weakened that pattern in the last decade. During that period, the migration from family compounds to condominiums and single-family dwellings became a hot topic. With government incentives such as the liberalization of retirement visas and the Thailand Elite long-stay program, many expats moved to Thailand as the world population grew older.

Then came the global pandemic, which caused Thais and expats to reverse their lifestyle choices and return to multigenerational households.

The downturn prompted many older adults nearing the end of their careers to retire early. Over the two years of the disruptive crisis, many children with aging parents and other family members reconnected, and taking care of the larger family has become increasingly crucial. One of COVID’s most important side effects has been the prioritization of healthcare and a safe and secure environment for everyone, particularly the elderly. As we emerge from the pandemic, elderly care for Thais and expats is evolving, and one important component remains a sense of community, particularly for those who have been confined to their homes. YoungHappy – The Senior Happiness Community, HelpAge, and SAIJAI aged care are among the new online tools offered in Bangkok, Phuket, and soon throughout the country.

With the return to more traditional family households, there are typically people of various ages living together. Providing some level of domestic care is vital for working parents with children who frequently have a grandparent or elderly relatives. However, with rising labor prices and many domestic workers returning to their home provinces during COVID, the demand for ‘on demand’ care has increased dramatically.

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