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Thais warn against phony government websites

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Scams are common in Thailand. A deputy government spokesperson said thieves are exploiting bogus sites to steal data and hack gadgets. Rachada urged victims to report cybercrimes to She stated, “They’ll work with police to prevent money transactions and take legal action.”

A phony Department of Special Investigation website offered a siphoning program for download. Scammers have exploited “deepfake” videos to look more lifelike. The app’s creators can take over gadgets. Rachada said government website URLs finish in “” not “.com” Scammers pretending to be police have called victims to demand significant sums of money. The scammers utilize images or video footage of cops they want to appear as, but they speak and laugh strangely. Thais are warned against fake official online pages. The spokesman, Rachada Dhnadirek, offered an example of how advanced certain bogus government sites are.

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