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Unbelievable Songkran Travel Deals: Don’t Miss These Huge Discounts and Exclusive Offers!

During the Songkran holidays, a significant number of Thai people traditionally travel back to their hometowns to visit relatives, which often results in heavily congested traffic and an increased number of road accidents. This year, the Songkran celebrations, also known as the Thai New Year, are scheduled from April 13th to 17th.

In light of the holiday season, Transport Co has announced a special promotion for passengers traveling during the period of April 18th to 24th. Those who book their tickets using the e-ticketing application or through the company’s website,, will be eligible to receive a 10% discount on their fares. Sanyalux Panwattanalikit, the President of Transport Co, highlighted this promotional offer on Friday.

Furthermore, Transport Co membership cardholders will receive twice the reward points for every booking made during this time frame. This promotion is aimed at encouraging more people to utilize public transportation during the busy holiday season and take advantage of the benefits provided by the company.

Additionally, state welfare cardholders can use up to 750 baht per month of their card value to purchase bus tickets during this period. However, the purchase must be made in person at ticket booths as online transactions will not be eligible for this offer.

To accommodate the expected influx of passengers returning to Bangkok after the Songkran holidays, Transport Co has prepared approximately 3,800 buses and vans. They are anticipating around 58,000 individuals to journey back to the city each day from Sunday to Tuesday.

By offering discounted fares, increased reward points, and ensuring there are enough vehicles available, Transport Co aims to provide efficient and affordable transportation options for travelers during the Songkran holidays. This not only helps manage the expected traffic congestion, but also enhances the overall holiday experience for Thai people returning home to visit family and friends.

In conclusion, the measures taken by Transport Co are designed to make traveling during the Songkran holidays a more enjoyable and stress-free experience for Thai residents. By providing incentives and ensuring adequate transport services, they hope to ease traffic congestion and contribute to a safer and more efficient travel environment during this special time of the year.

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