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Unbelievable Waste Reduction: Bangkok’s Thrilling Victory in Saving a Whopping 127.8 Million Baht!

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Highlighted by Aekvarunyoo Amrapala last Saturday, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) succeeded in effectuating commendable savings during a specific period, notably a whopping 127.8 million baht. The BMA was able to achieve these savings due to the sizeable reduction of waste within the city, which is a measure of their highly effective implementation of sustainable practices.

Amrapala noted that from February to June, the city saw a reduction of sans 67,248 tons of garbage relative to the same period of the previous year. In simple terms, this means the city of Bangkok experienced a drop in daily waste of about 444 tonnes.

The BMA spokesperson, Aekvarunyoo, attributed this significant waste reduction to the involvement of both residents and businesses in the city’s BMA campaign. This well-executed initiative urged participants to not only decrease their waste production but to ensure the separation of their garbage for efficient disposal and recycling.

The BMA launched this campaign in the prior year, with impactful results only surfacing in February this year. This shows that their three rubbish disposal centers were processing significantly lesser volumes of waste compared to before.

Drawing on the success of BMA’s BKK Zero Waste campaign, many state agencies and private firms, together with the city residents, are now more conscious of the importance of proper waste management. As an example of the campaign’s reach, up to 998 unique entities, spanning communities, educational institutions, ambient markets, religious places like temples, and more, partook in the campaign last year.

Excitingly, the number of active participants has gone up exponentially this year, hitting an impressive mark of 5,558. The diversified participants now comprise of shopping centers, petrol stations, hotels, major banks, healthcare facilities, green city parks, buzzing restaurants, convenience stores, corporate offices, manufacturing factories, and several residential structures.

Towards the end of his revelation, the BMA spokesperson indicated that BMA is setting a high bar for future undertakings. Their ambitious goal is to get as many as 8,390 unique entities actively involved in the project. As the numbers continue to grow, it is evident that the city of Bangkok is indeed on the right path towards sustainable living and impactful waste management.

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