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Unlocking the Majestic Views of Doi Inthanon: Thousands Throng Thailand’s Tallest Peak for an Unforgettable Sunrise Experience!

Picture the scene: It’s a rejuvenating Sunday morning, and multitudes of visitors are gathering at the pinnacle of Doi Inthanon – the tallest mountain in Thailand. Located in the Chom Thong district, this treasured location is experiencing an influx of enthusiastic tourists, all eager to soak in the initial chills of the cold season. The sunrise, seen from the peak of this enchanting location, is an awe-inspiring spectacle, enjoyed by thousands ever weekend. (Photo: Panumet Tanraksa).

This particular Sunday morning is no exception. According to Mr. Kriangkrai Chaipiset, who serves as the chief of the Doi Inthanon National Park, a whopping 5,616 individuals thronged the mountain, with the greater portion hailing from Thailand itself. This number is a testament to the local and international appeal of this tourist hotspot.

Imagine yourself relishing the invigoratingly fresh and crisply cool air, with an ambient temperature hovering around 10°C at the mountain’s summit, 11°C at the famed Kiew Mae Pan viewpoint, and a slight degree higher -12°C- at the National Park’s office. The open heavens, adorned with delicate wisps of cloud and a refreshing breeze, offer a truly mesmerizing and unforgettable spectacle of the day’s first light.

In the ebullient words of Mr. Kriangkrai, most of the visitors made a weekend adventure out of it, with droves arriving on Saturday to set up camp, while the remaining Sunday early risers came to mark the start of their day in the most magical and majestic setting. The park officials, of course, were on hand, providing the invaluable service of informing them about the optimal driving routes and necessary safety hitches they needed to be aware of.

Now, the park is even more accessible; tourists can now purchase entry tickets via the QueQ application, eliminating the often frustrating long queues. After securing their tickets through this convenient digital platform, they breeze through the entrance checkpoint with the scanning of a QR code. As Mr. Kriangkrai proudly points out, the adoption of technology means that visitors can gain access more efficiently, dedicating more time to enjoying the wonders of Doi Inthanon National Park.

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