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Unprecedented Manhunt: High-Speed Chase Leads to Arrest of 6 Illegal Immigrants in Chanthaburi!

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In an unprecedented proactive action for national security, law enforcement officials in Chanthaburi, located in Eastern Thailand, successfully detained six foreign nationals who were attempting to illegally enter the country. This strategic move was triggered by an extensive national effort to tighten security in response to the directive from the Ministry of Labour urging the registration of non-native workers residing in Thailand. The thrilling tale of the arrest followed a high-speed chase.

Guided by the firm hand of Superintendent Khemarin Phitsamai of the Chanthaburi Province Immigration Office, and his second-in-command Swas Chotronnapas, a seasoned team of officials was assigned to patrol the Rayong-Chanthaburi-Sa Kaeo route. This effort was primarily aimed at stemming the influx of undocumented foreign workers, most importantly given the ongoing work permit registration open for such individuals already clandestinely living in Thailand.

Highlighting its commitment to uphold legal processes, the Ministry of Labour greenlit the directive enabling the registration of foreign workers from July 16 to July 31. The registrations were to be done in the local job centers located in each province. This regulation was duly approved by the Cabinet on July 5.

While sternly minding their duties during the patrol at the Jangwang intersection in Nong Ta Kong, Pong Nam Ron, and Chanthaburi, the officials sighted a suspicious Toyota Fortuner which was moving rather briskly. When the driver refused to stop for the routine check, a thrilling pursuit ensued which ended when the suspicious vehicle was forced to halt at the entrance of the Ban Laem Border Trade Market because of a roadblock, as reported by KhaoSod.

Consequent to a thorough inspection, the officials arrested the 31-year-old Cambodian driver, identified as So Ra Reun. They also discovered six other unregistered Cambodian labourers in the vehicle. The driver was charged with helping undocumented aliens to dodge arrest, while his fellow nationals were detained for illegal stay in Thailand without proper authority.

In line with the Ministry of Labour’s directive, Pol. Col. Pakphumpipat Sajjapun, the Chief of the Immigration Bureau, and Pol. Col. Warisiri Lilasiri, the Commander of Immigration Division 3, instructed the Chanthaburi Immigration Office to enhance vigilance on undocumented foreign nationals who might maneuver the labour registration process for their benefit. This directive extends to workers of four nationalities – Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam – and is intended to provide legal work opportunities.

Emphasizing on striking the right balance between strengthening law enforcement and promoting socio-economic growth in local communities, the two heavyweights highlighted the importance of disrupting illegal activities. This action is all the more critical given Chanthaburi’s strategic location near the Cambodian border which could make it a preferred port of entry for illegal immigrants.

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