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Ups and downs: A man wins the lottery before he drowns in a drain

The 56-year-old man selected the number 417 and discovered that he had a winning lotto ticket in his hands. He immediately went out for drinks with his pals to celebrate, but he never returned. His pals were shocked when his sister arrived hours later seeking for him because they all thought he was safely home.

The lotto winner’s older sister claimed that despite having gout, the man took care of himself, but she became worried when he failed to show up at home. She was informed by the other partygoers who had joined him that the lottery winner had long since left. Just hours before, the man had gone out for drinks with a small group of 5 individuals to celebrate winning the jackpot. Around 7 o’clock, there started to be heavy rain, and the man made the decision to leave after another hour of drinking. When it grew late and she still hadn’t heard from her brother, she claimed she started to get worried. We’ve all experienced ups and downs in our days, but probably not to the extent of a Nonthaburi man who won the jackpot before dying in an accident. The poor man’s dead body had already been removed from the drain by the time police and a rescue crew arrived.

The missing man was then sought after down the nearby, wet and flooded road. The weather was hazardous, a delivery driver had backed into a hole, and a woman who had fallen off her bike and pierced her leg with metal needed treatment. Police will conduct an autopsy even though there were no indications of wrongdoing, according to officers who investigated the incident. The 56-year-old lottery winner’s body was eventually recovered inside the drain after someone found one flip flop lying next to it.

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