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VEC’s Academic Scandal Unravelled: Rogue Teacher’s Grade-for-Cash Scheme Exposed

Welcome to the simmering drama at the country’s educational heartland, where the Vocational Education Commission (VEC) has been thrust into the glare of an academic scandal reminiscent of a gritty high-school flick. Picture this: a not-so-average day at Roi Et Technical College, where a plot thickens as accusations fly faster than paper airplanes in study hall.

In an audacious display of high-stakes testing terror, a rogue teacher reportedly failed his entire class with a parade of Fs, only to morph into a monetary magician, demanding 400 baht to wave his magic marker and turn those shameful Fs into gloriously passing grades. Scandalous, right? But wait, there’s a twist — the price suddenly dropped to a bargain 200 baht! Ah, the art of the deal. Students, swept up in the madness, apparently caved to the pressure, forking over their cash. Evidence? Oh, the intrepid accusers brought receipts — literal receipts, shared for the world to see on social media.

But this plot is more convoluted than your favorite daytime soap. Whisperings around campus hinted this wasn’t the first time our protagonist (or is it antagonist?) donned his transactional cap, with whispers of As and Bs previously awarded to the highest bidders. The digital hallways echoed with outrage, and soon enough, Yotphon Wenukoset, the VEC’s cool-headed secretary-general, found himself at the helm of the investigation ship, charting a course through treacherous educational waters.

In quick succession, a fact-finding panel materialized like a squad of academic Avengers, assembled to bring justice to the troubled halls of Roi Et Technical College. It’s no walk in the park — the stakes are high and the VEC means business. The accused course? Canceled faster than a failed TV pilot. The VEC’s strategy room buzzed with activity as top brass, including a deputy director, department head, and advisor, were pulled into brainstorming sessions worthy of an espionage thriller.

The poor students, mere pawns in this chess game of deceit, were questioned as if they were key witnesses in a courtroom drama. The pressure was on — no stone was to be left unturned in the quest for academic purity.

With the clock ticking louder than a bomb squad’s countdown, the VEC’s directive was clear: wrap up this probe within seven days. A week to sift through the scandal, separate fact from clever fiction, and deliver verdicts with the weight of a scholarly gavel.

As the inquiry accelerates, one can’t help but ponder — will justice prevail or will it slip through the fingers like sand in an hourglass? Stay tuned, for the drama at Roi Et Technical College is anything but an open and shut case.

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