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You Won’t Believe it! Thailand’s Krabi Airport Takes Giant Leap to Entertain Stunning 8 Million Passengers: Is This The Dawn of a New Aviation Era?

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High up on Thailand’s anticipatory radar is a remarkable infrastructure project. The widely-used Krabi Airport is undergoing a noteworthy expansion to increase its capacity to a staggering 8 million passengers per year. This substantial upgrade, spearheaded by the Department of Airports, is scheduled to cross the finish line in the closing chapter of 2024, with the highly-anticipated facilities opening their doors to the public the following year.

The project scope is extensive, including the rise of a third passenger terminal, hefty enhancements to the pair of existing terminals, and an overhaul of the car park edifice. With a projected budget that frequents the 2.923 billion baht mark, the project is sprinting towards the end with approximately 87.52% completion, depicted in a recent statement from the department.

Nevertheless, this is not where the upgrades cease. The project’s radius also extends towards the erection of a taxiway and an integrated upgrade to the airport’s robust electrical system. Standing at 58.20% completion, these adjunct improvements aim to add little enchantments that make massive differences to the user experience.

The entirety of this venture eyes completion by the end of 2024, launching fully operational services the following year. The resultant superstructure will witness a harmonious connection between the three passenger terminals, offering an expansive 68,000 square meter space. This alteration allows for the surge in the flow of passengers. A tremendous leap from the current capacity of managing 1,500 passengers per hour or 4 million annually, to a staggering 3,000 passengers per hour or 8 million per annum.

Likewise, the vehicle hub is expected to undergo a significant transformation too, creating room for a whopping 2,000 cars. A leap in magnitude, designed to cope up with the increased flux in passenger count.

Bearing testament to the significant progress it is making, the Krabi Airport witnessed 1.69 million passengers from October 2022 to June 2023, out of which 1.37 million were domestic, and 318,550 were international sojourners. Fast forward to September 2023, and the predictions place the passenger count at an impressive 1.79 million – 1.43 million domestic and 359,561 international travelers.

The fascinating expansion of Krabi Airport is a piece of a larger picture, a part of the national strategy aiming at generous infrastructure expansion. The motive behind this movement is simple and potent – fast-tracked economic growth and significantly enhanced national competitiveness. This ambitious project certainly marks a pivotal era for Thailand’s aviation sector, setting new standards for operational capacity and infrastructural development.

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