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You Won’t Believe What This Thai Café Wrote on a Customer’s Cup! Online Warfare Ignites Over Unexpected Message!

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The online community was recently thrown into an uproar when a woman who had ordered a drink via a digital platform wound up feeling dejected due to an unexpected message printed on her mug. The beverage establishment, that typically garners attention for its interesting application of insightful quotes on their goods, seemed to have taken a controversial route this time. The woman felt belittled by the pessimistic note, causing an online debate. The majority of internet dwellers suggested the shop to stick with positive messages. This incident garnered public attention when this trending post was circulated through a customer advocacy webpage, retelling the instance of a woman who used an online app for her drink order.

Imagine her disbelief when she took delivery of her order, only to find an offensive remark scribbled on her cup. The unnerving message that she found was, “Stop faking goodness. It’s sickening. Be yourself for once!” The woman let her disappointment known. “This feels like an insult. Who anticipates an insult while ordering a beverage?” She also narrated an earlier experience where her significant other had received a much cheerful and uplifting note with their beverage from the same place.

The controversial post drew prompt attention from internet users who shared their take on this issue. A portion of them found this amusing, but an overwhelming majority voiced that the quoted message was unfitting. Many opined that even though this might have been the shop’s attempt at jest, it could be negatively perceived by patrons. These detractors argued that anyone paying for a service definitely does not expect to read negative remarks on their product, according to Khaosod.

Many online users went on to offer pieces of advice, urging the shop to stick to more positive and uplifting quotes, even going as far as suggesting a few. They shared phrases such as “An adorable inspiring quote would do better” and “Positive quotes are safer”. Some even provided a potent reminder by saying, “Keep in mind the variances among your customers and choose words carefully.”

Nevertheless, there were those who didn’t mince their words and criticized the shop openly. Comments like: “The seller perhaps finds this humorous, but the buyer doesn’t seem to,” or “Is this some kind of motivation?” and “This mirrors the owner’s personality” were seen. Even phrases like, “Better quotes exist than this one.” and “Too harsh; countless better quotes are around.” were not uncommon.

However, amidst all this, there were a few comments that called for the shop to come forward and explain the situation. As the dust yet to settle on this ongoing controversy, the climax of this story is yet to reveal itself. For more updates about Thaiger’s novel stories, please visit our latest Facebook page HERE.

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