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You Won’t Believe Which Ministries are Getting the Biggest Budget Boosts in Thailand for 2024! Find Out Now!

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In the year designated as 2024, the kingpin of the budget allocation, the Interior Ministry, landed a colossal sum of 353.1 billion baht. This astronomical figure signifies an upward adjustment of 27.8 billion baht, precisely an increment of 8.57% as compared to the fiscal year 2023.

Not far behind in the race of budgetary allotments is the Education Ministry – the silver medalist of the fiscal league. They secured an impressive 328.3 billion baht – a shade above 1.01 billion compared to the previous year. This leap signifies the educational sector’s growth by a margin of 0.31%.

Grasping the bronze trophy with a deft hold is the Finance Ministry, positioned comfortably at third place. The fiscal gods have graciously allocated 327.1 billion baht – a hefty increase of 42 billion baht or 14.73% on a year-on-year basis.

The Defence Ministry, although settled at fourth place, isn’t far from the trio’s extravagant race up top. They managed to secure 198.3 billion baht – up by 3.821 billion baht or 1.96% from the preceding year.

Trailing closely and clinching the fifth spot is the Transport Ministry, with a respectable cumulative of 183.6 billion baht. This figure implies an enhancement by 3.32 billion baht or 1.84% year-on-year.

The subsequent ministries, ranked 6th to 20th in line of the budget allocation spectrum, are as listed beneath:

In the 6th place, the Public Health Ministry was granted 165.7 billion baht, up by 13.4 billion baht or 8.84% for the year.

7. Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation Ministry received a funding of 127 billion baht, an increase of 2.99 billion baht which signifies a rise by 2.74% from the previous fiscal.

8. The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives had a bit of an anomaly year, with their funds dipping to 118 billion baht. This presents a decrease of 9.53 billion baht or 7.44%.

9. A generous allocation of 61.6 billion baht got poured into the coffers of the Labour Ministry, charting a rise by 7.33 billion baht or 13.5%.

10. The Office of the Prime Minister boosted its funds to a lovely 34.5 billion baht, a rise by 2.36 billion baht or 7.35%.

Notably, amongst the remaining factions, we have:

11. The Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment stationed at 33.2 billion baht, up by 2.77 billion baht or 9.12%.

14. Foreign Affairs Ministry with a fortunate 9 billion baht or 1.45 billion baht increase, translating to a growth of 19.23%.

15. The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society experienced a substantial growth rate of 30.08% with 8.82 billion baht, a 2.04 billion increase.

17. An eye-catching 50.88% increase was noted for the Ministry of Commerce with 6.82 billion baht, an increase by 378.7 million baht.

As the fiscal curtain fell on the year 2024, an average increase of 9.3% was observed across the ministries. The budget, totaling a staggering 3.185 trillion baht, is expected to be presented to the Parliament for approval in the coming December.

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