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500,000 young individuals looking for work like administration over tourism

The steadiness of administrative and office positions is preferred above the glitz and glitter of the tourism industry by young job searchers, of whom between 490,000 and 510,000 have just graduated and are now joining the workforce. Greater Bangkok accounted for just over half of all job searches on, with the Eastern Economic Corridor coming in second with 15.8 percent, the Northeast coming in third with 12.4 percent, the North in fourth with 8.31 percent, Central Thailand in seventh with 7.76 percent, and the South in last place with 4.73 percent.

Although there are no longer any travel restrictions and the country is once again fully operational, it will take some time before tourism levels recover to where they were before the pandemic. Before then, it’s unlikely that the economy would fully recover. A study of 2 million job applications on a well-known employment website revealed that 29.7% of applicants sought administrative roles, while only 3.63 percent desired tourism-related professions. Before the economy fully recovers from the Covid-19 epidemic, when the first wave of Covid resulted in the loss of work for over 500,000 people, there is still a long way to go. The second most popular employment was in a factory, but professions in accounting, technicians, logistics, and engineering all fared well. Between the ages of 20 and 30, about 75% of job candidates hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. There are still a lot of unskilled laborers looking for work despite the market’s demand for skilled personnel. EconThai claims that the tourism industry was particularly hard hit and that there are still not enough foreign visitors for the economy to fully recover this year. Recently, a new study on job applications was released by the Employers’ Confederation of Thai Trade and Industry. It includes some interesting data on the kinds of jobs people are seeking for and the places where they are available. According to the data, administrative work makes up 29.70% of all jobs, followed by factory work (16%), accounting and technicians (10.10), engineering (9.59%), retail (9.31%), human resources (8.33%), call centers and customer service (8.28%), marketing (6.77%), and hotels, restaurants, spas, and tour guides (3.63%). A survey of 300 countries conducted in June revealed that 36.8% of businesses had to lay off workers and 52.6% had to reduce their workforce. Only 15.8% of companies reported adding new employees.

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