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55 Thai visitors disappear in South Korea

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Thai tourists prefer to enter South Korea through Jeju because their odds of getting admitted there are better than at any other airport in the nation, according to immigration officials. 18,000 Thais are legally employed in South Korea. According to estimates, there may be up to 140,000 Thais working illegally in South Korea. According to the Jeju Immigration Service, 417 of the 697 Thai passengers who arrived at Jeju Airport from Bangkok on a direct Jeju Airlines flight between Tuesday and Friday were reportedly turned away and sent back home.
Through the K-ETA system, which is managed by South Korea, citizens of the 112 countries, including Thailand, that do not require visas for entry, can apply online for an electronic travel authorization before departing. 55 of the 280 Thai tourists who arrived in South Korea last week through Jeju International Airport had already disappeared. 280 more visitors showed up as part of a three-day vacation package. To solve the issue of migrant workers who are not registered as citizens, South Korea launched K-ETA. In 2022, South Korea deported 10,377 Thai nationals who were found to be working there without authorization. However, the Seoul administration has exempted international arrivals through that airport from the K-ETA due to Jeju’s attractiveness as a tourist destination. According to South Korean immigration officials, 55 Thai visitors are said to have vanished on Jeju Island. All travelers from outside of South Korea currently need a K-ETA or a visa. If non-Korean nationals intend to visit South Korea for leisure, business, conferences, short-term study with a stay of less than 90 days, or family visits, they must submit an online K-ETA application at least a week before their departure. If the K-ETA does not cover the reason for your visit or if your nationality disqualifies you, you must apply for the required visa. After 55 of them dispersed after leaving their tour groups, the South Korean Immigration Office declared that it was looking into their whereabouts.

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