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Top 20 Cannabis Shops: Where to Buy Weed in Nonthaburi Vol 1, 2024

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Delta-7 Dispensary product image
Delta-7 Dispensary product image
Delta-7 Dispensary product image
Delta-7 Dispensary product image
Delta-7 Dispensary product image
Delta-7 Dispensary product image

Delta-7 Dispensary

Rating: 5.0/5.0 ( 21 reviews )

Step into the enchanting world of Delta-7 Dispensary, where the spirit of Thailand meets the innovation of cannabis cultivation. Located in the heart of Nonthaburi, Delta-7 isn’t just your average cannabis shop; it’s a buzzing hub of creativity and camaraderie, nestled cozily behind KMUTNB and mere steps from the lively Subscribe pub and a welcoming 24-hour coffee shop.

But what truly sets Delta-7 apart are its carefully selected products. Imagine stepping into a wonderland where each strain tells a story of craftsmanship and passion. Take, for example, the Velvet Moon, a unique blend that caresses your consciousness with a fast-acting euphoria before settling into a comforting buzz of happiness. Or perhaps the Blue Dream, an alchemy of relaxation and cerebral stimulation that tastes of sweet, sun-kissed blueberries.

For those seeking a journey of sensation, the Exodus Cheese offers a gradual crescendo of intoxication, perfect for both medicinal relief and culinary delight. Meanwhile, the legendary Bruce Banner awaits to transform your worries into a powerful wave of creative euphoria and invigorating energy. And let’s not forget about the exotic prowess of the Hawaiian Haze, a masterpiece that promises an energetic and focused head high, contrasting brilliantly against its pungent pepper undertones.

Delta-7’s selection doesn’t end there; the dispensary boasts an array of irresistible choices like Agent Orange, with its uplifting effects perfect for those battling depression or anxiety, and the sweet, tranquil bliss of Sugar Cane. For those craving a delightful twist, Jokerz Candy and PINKMAN’s GOO offer a bittersweet symphony of flavors that promise an unforgettable journey.

Amidst these treasures, Delta-7 also provides an array of accessories that complement every cannabis connoisseur’s collection. From the artfully designed Dude Grass Tray to the immensely practical Grinder 4 Layers, each accessory is thoughtfully curated to enhance your experience.

Delta-7 Dispensary isn’t just a store; it’s a destination. A place where aficionados and newcomers alike can explore the intricate world of cannabis, guided by the knowledge and warmth of its passionate staff. So, whether you’re in Nonthaburi for a quick visit or call it home, a trip to Delta-7 promises to be an adventure worth savoring.

High Ace product image
High Ace product image
High Ace product image
High Ace product image
High Ace product image
High Ace product image

High Ace

Rating: 5.0/5.0 ( 19 reviews )

Address: 5 1 ถนน.คลองถนน Tambon Bang Rak Phatthana, Amphoe Bang Bua Thong, Chang Wat Nonthaburi 11110, Thailand

Welcome to High Ace, Nonthaburi’s premier cannabis emporium, where the good times roll from 2 PM sharp until the mystical time of 4:20 PM every single day. Here, we’re more than just a store; we’re an experience, a hub for enthusiasts and newcomers alike, all united under the aromatic banner of top-tier cannabis.

Our shelves boast an eclectic collection of strains from the laid-back L.A. Kush Cake ushering you into a peppermint-scented relaxation, to the vibrant Colt.45, a berry bliss that keeps your spirits high and focus laser-sharp. Let’s not forget the exclusive GaryPaton x Jealousy blend, a hybrid that balances minty freshness with the candied kick of an OG gas high.

For those who seek the comfort of a cocoa-infused cloud, our Grand Master Sexy strain is your ticket to a chocolatey, caramel paradise, perfectly cut through with a hint of gasoline for that extra zing. Meanwhile, the High Society takes sophistication to another level, its intricate blend of fuel and gassy sweetness primed to transport you to a state of euphoric relaxation.

And for our gadget-loving patrons, High Ace is more than just buds and blooms. Check out our assortment of gear from the cosmic allure of our GALAXY Bong to the sturdy, vibrant hues of our Molino pieces. Whether you’re a seasoned cloud chaser or a curious newcomer ready to explore, we’ve got something for everyone.

Not forgetting our edibles enthusiasts, our Weedy Premium THC packs a potent punch guaranteed to sweeten your adventure. Plus, with a collection that spans from the sleek Topicana Cherry topicals to the latest in bong technology, we’re here to make sure your cannabis experience is nothing short of stellar.

With a warm welcome from our knowledgeable staff, whether you connect with us online or swing by our store, High Ace is your go-to cannabis haven in Nonthaburi. Exciting, isn’t it? Join us, join the culture, and let’s elevate your green thumb – and good vibes – together.

HighOut by Tarcel product image
HighOut by Tarcel product image
HighOut by Tarcel product image
HighOut by Tarcel product image
HighOut by Tarcel product image
HighOut by Tarcel product image

HighOut by Tarcel

Rating: 5.0/5.0 ( 7 reviews )

Step into a world where the greenery isn’t just the decor, but a premium lifestyle choice at HighOut by Tarcel, a gem nestled in the bustling heart of Nonthaburi, near the Rama V roundabout. Imagine a haven where the clock whispers “it’s time to unwind” from 14:00-22:00 every single day, and parking woes are just an urban legend.

At HighOut by Tarcel, you don’t just visit a cannabis dispensary; you embark on an aromatic journey straight from the verdant farms of Tarcel Medical. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill shop; it’s a sanctuary where premium cannabis beckons enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Whether you’re here to leaf through our vast selection or to indulge in a chat about the green marvels, we have something that will elevate your senses.

Dive into our collection and find yourself torn between the tantalizing Banana ck x Melonsicle and the breakfast of champions for connoisseurs. Craving something more exotic? The Califonia Demon or the Cereal Milk might just be your speed. Or perhaps the Exodus Cheese and F.Maccaron x LPM x KM will tease your palate with their unique profiles.

And when the stars align, and the flavors are just right, find yourself lost in the symphony of tastes with our out-of-stock rarities like Emergen-c and In z air, promising a comeback that’s worth the wait. Each strain, a masterpiece, carefully cultivated and selected to ensure the high quality our patrons have come to expect.

So, whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or curious newcomer, HighOut by Tarcel welcomes you into its embrace. It’s more than a shop; it’s a community, a lifestyle, and a haven for those seeking the finest cannabis experiences. Visit us and let your journey begin, any day, every day, from 14:00 to 22:00. Welcome to your new favorite escape.

Tarcel medical product image
Tarcel medical product image
Tarcel medical product image
Tarcel medical product image
Tarcel medical product image
Tarcel medical product image

Tarcel medical

Rating: 5.0/5.0 ( 4 reviews )

Address: 420 Tambon Bang Khun Kong, Amphoe Bang Kruai, Chang Wat Nonthaburi 11130, Thailand

Step into a world where the mundane fades away, and the extraordinary takes center stage – welcome to Tarcel Medical, Nonthaburi’s premier destination for cannabis aficionados. Nestled in the heart of a city known for its vibrant culture, Tarcel Medical stands as a beacon for those seeking the pinnacle of cannabis excellence.

Imagine a place where every moment is an opportunity to explore the finest offerings of nature. Tarcel Medical isn’t just a retailer; it’s a sanctuary for the senses. Here, cannabis is not just bought; it’s experienced. From the earthy notes of the coveted Drip Station with its floral aroma and subtle sweetness, to the tantalizing Dirty Bird, boasting sour citrus fused with candy and a hint of gas – every product promises a journey.

Our shelves are adorned with strains meticulously curated for the connoisseur. Take, for instance, the Dream Factory, a blend where vanilla cookie meets sweet fruit and a hint of chemical mystery, or the Big Ripper, where orange vanilla collides with biscuit and gassy undertones for a sensory explosion.

But Tarcel Medical’s commitment goes beyond just providing an array of high-quality cannabis products. We’re growers, providers, and distributors dedicated to excellence. Our passion for cannabis craftsmanship is evident in every leaf, stem, root, and flower we offer. Long-standing relationships with local growers ensure that only the best, most potent products make their way to you.

And for those whose quest for happiness leads to our doors any day of the week, rest assured, we’re here from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM, eager to embark on this green journey with you. Whether you’re a medical patient seeking relief or a recreational user in pursuit of the perfect high, Tarcel Medical is your trusted partner in cannabis exploration.

So, why wait? Let your senses dance among the delightful offerings of Tarcel Medical. Discover a world where quality, variety, and a passion for cannabis come together in perfect harmony. Your cannabis journey of a lifetime starts here, in the heart of Nonthaburi.

BudsLab No.420 product image
BudsLab No.420 product image
BudsLab No.420 product image
BudsLab No.420 product image
BudsLab No.420 product image
BudsLab No.420 product image

BudsLab No.420

Rating: 5.0/5.0 ( 2 reviews )

Welcome to the incredible world of BudsLab No.420, nestled in the heart of Nonthaburi, where the green of nature meets innovative cannabis solutions, leading you into an undiscovered paradise. Imagine a place where every detail is catered to elevate your experience, where the rhythm of the city fades into a distant memory, and the only thing that matters is your journey into the lush escapes of high-quality cannabis products.

Step into our sanctuary, and you’ll be greeted by a gallery of the finest selections known to the connoisseur. From the uplifting cheerfulness of Sour Cherry to the mystical balance of Rainbow Royale, our catalog boasts an array of choices designed to satisfy every palate. Whether you’re swayed by the allure of Peepshow or intrigued by the exotic whispers of Monkey Holiday, every strain we offer is a ticket to an unforgettable adventure.

Specially for those with a discerning taste, our Gargoyle and Citrus Lift blends offer a symphony of flavors that dance delicately on your senses. And for the seekers of equilibrium, the Mellow Mauve provides a serene escape into bliss. Not forgetting the epicureans, our Polar Vortex and Brandi are tales of expeditions worth narrating.

But wait, there’s more! At BudsLab No.420, we understand the unique preferences of our patrons. Hence, we’ve introduced an exquisite collection known as Clones, featuring 100 different strains for those who yearn to curate their personal cannabis journey. Imagine the possibilities as you explore this vibrant spectrum of choices, each promising an experience as rich and diverse as our beloved Nonthaburi.

Our doors are open from dawn till dusk, promising you a retreat that melds seamlessly with your rhythm. As you navigate through our offerings, let our experts guide you, making your visit both enlightening and enjoyable. And remember, whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or freshly acquainted with the wonders of cannabis, BudsLab No.420 is your portal to a wonderland of flavors, experiences, and unmatched quality.

So, what are you waiting for? Embark on this verdant voyage with us, where every leaf tells a story, and every visit unfolds a chapter of delight. Welcome to BudsLab No.420 – where your cannabis dreams take flight!

Recent Reviews For Shops in Nonthaburi


  1. JaneDoe123 March 31, 2024

    I’m surprised to see such a comprehensive list come out, especially with the legal status of cannabis constantly in flux in Thailand. It’s quite a bold move!

    • LegalEagle March 31, 2024

      Actually, the legal framework in Thailand regarding cannabis has seen significant changes in recent years. It’s becoming more accepted, especially for medical use.

      • JaneDoe123 March 31, 2024

        That’s a good point! I did read something about laws being relaxed for medical marijuana. It just feels like a big step from medical to recreational.

    • CannaCritic March 31, 2024

      Bold move or not, it’s great for tourism. Nonthaburi is getting more attention because of these shops.

      • TravelBug March 31, 2024

        Absolutely! I’m planning a trip there next year largely because I’ve heard about the cannabis tourism boom. Can’t wait to check out these shops.

  2. GreenThumb March 31, 2024

    Most of these shops have great products, but the prices can be steep. I guess that’s the premium for legal, quality-controlled weed.

    • BudgetStoner March 31, 2024

      True, but you also have to consider the convenience. Not having to deal with sketchy dealings is a big plus.

      • ThriftyPuffer March 31, 2024

        Convenience is key for me. The peace of mind knowing what you’re getting makes it worth the extra cost.

  3. CritiqueMaster March 31, 2024

    I’ve visited a few of these shops, and while they’re trendy, I feel like some are all style and no substance. Quality should be the top priority.

    • HerbEnthusiast March 31, 2024

      Interesting point. Any shops in particular you’d recommend for quality over style?

      • CritiqueMaster March 31, 2024

        Shop #5 on the list is solid. They focus on quality and even provide lab results for their products.

      • OrganicJoe April 1, 2024

        Lab results are essential. It’s all about transparency and knowing what you are consuming.

  4. LocalExpert March 31, 2024

    As someone who’s lived in Nonthaburi for a decade, the rise in cannabis shops has definitely changed the local vibe. Mostly for the better, I think.

    • NostalgicNate March 31, 2024

      Changed for the better? It’s drawing a crowd that’s eroding the cultural essence of Nonthaburi. Not everything should be about tourism.

      • LocalExpert March 31, 2024

        I see your point, Nate. However, the economic benefits can’t be ignored. It also helps break the stigma around cannabis.

  5. SkepticalSally March 31, 2024

    Is this focus on cannabis shops overshadowing other issues in Nonthaburi though? I feel like we’re missing out on discussing more pressing local concerns.

    • ActivistAlex March 31, 2024

      Absolutely agree. While it’s great for the economy, there are environmental and social issues that need more attention and resources.

      • EcoWarrior April 1, 2024

        The environmental impact of increasing cannabis cultivation is rarely talked about. It’s time for a more balanced discussion on this topic.

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