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Top 20 Cannabis Shops: Where to Buy Weed in Loburi Vol 1, 2024

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  1. JaneDoe42 March 31, 2024

    Honestly, I’m surprised ‘Green Haven’ made it to the top 5. Their quality is pretty inconsistent. Anyone else had a similar experience?

    • WeedConnoisseur March 31, 2024

      Actually, I’ve always had great experiences at Green Haven. Their Sativa strains are top-notch. Maybe it depends on what you’re buying?

      • JaneDoe42 March 31, 2024

        Might be. I usually go for Indicas. Perhaps I’ll give their Sativas a try then. Thanks for the heads-up!

      • BudBuddy March 31, 2024

        Weird, I’ve had the opposite. Their Indicas were solid for me. Maybe it’s batch related?

    • TommyChongFan March 31, 2024

      Green Haven’s edibles are where it’s at! Maybe give those a try instead?

  2. Local420 March 31, 2024

    I think this list is missing some hidden gems. ‘The Herbalist’ is a small shop but beats many on this list in terms of quality and customer service.

    • JennyH March 31, 2024

      Absolutely agree with you on ‘The Herbalist’. Their staff is so knowledgeable and friendly! Deserves more recognition.

  3. ProfessorCannabis March 31, 2024

    Is no one going to talk about the impact these shops are having on Loburi’s local economy? It’s impressive how the cannabis industry is thriving here.

    • EcoWarrior March 31, 2024

      True, but we also need to ensure it’s not at the expense of our environment. Not all these shops are practicing sustainability.

      • GreenThumb March 31, 2024

        Sustainability should indeed be a priority! Organic growing methods and waste reduction are key.

  4. CannaCritique March 31, 2024

    I feel like ‘Sky High’ is overrated. Sure, it’s got a fancy interior, but their prices are outrageous for the quality they offer.

    • BargainHunter March 31, 2024

      Yeah, ‘Sky High’s prices are steep. I prefer ‘Budget Buds’. Their quality-to-price ratio is much better.

      • CannaCritique March 31, 2024

        I’ll have to check ‘Budget Buds’ out. Thanks for the tip!

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