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A cyclone is expected to reach Thailand this coming weekend

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Thailand may soon sell five meth pills. Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha wants to categorize anyone with five or more methamphetamine pills as a “drug dealer” and give them a lengthier prison sentence. Thai Prime Minister Prayut declared war on narcotics Thursday in reaction to childcare deaths in Nong Bua Lamphu. The killer abused methamphetamine despite having no narcotics in his system. The former police officer is being prosecuted for drug use. Thailand’s news focuses on methamphetamine-related violence. The most popular synthetic drug in Southeast Asia is affordable. A UN research found 1 billion methamphetamine pills across east and southeast Asia in 2014. Thailand calls meth with caffeine yaba (crazy drug). Yaba costs 30 baht for each pill but can be purchased for 10 baht. Crystal methamphetamine, or “Ice,” is less frequent than crushed, caffeine-infused meth. Prayut Chan-o-cha asked Prawit Wongsuwan to examine misused monies. Prime Minister Prayut attended Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting to discuss flooding. Santi Promphat, deputy minister of finance, suggested Prime Minister Prayut compensate flood victims to appease the public. PM supported Santi. Representatives should visit each community to learn what citizens want, he said. Each official must answer requests and complaints for free. The cabinet promoted budget negotiations. Prayut visited Petchabun on October 6 and heard a tobacco farmer’s complaint. The farmer requested 50 million baht. Prayut fled for Bangkok without giving the farmers the approved funds. Prawit was requested to investigate. Deputy Prime Minister Prawit reportedly ignored budget queries today. He drove away from the legislature. Somsak Thepsuthin, Thailand’s justice minister, said he is not in control of the budget but will check into it. Somsak is confident that the administration will justify the money. Thailand abstains from UN vote condemning “illegal referendums” in Ukraine. On October 12, 2022, the UN General Assembly held a special session to discuss Russia’s takeover of Ukraine. Thailand, China, and India refrained from voting on a UN resolution to reject Russia’s annexation of four Ukrainian territories.

The UN General Assembly demanded Russia end its “illegal annexation” of Ukraine on Wednesday. 143 members voted yes, while 35 abstained. Russia, Syria, Belarus, Nicaragua, and North Korea rejected it. The Assembly resolution calls on all countries, the UN, and international organizations to reject Russia’s annexation claims and demand it to rescind its announcement. The UN denied Russian pleas for a secret vote on Monday. Most members vote openly. Thailand didn’t support an April UN Human Rights Council move to ban Russia. Thailand opposed Russia’s March Ukraine invasion.

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