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Top 20 Cannabis Shops: Where to Buy Weed in Phetchaburi Vol 1, 2024

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Recent Reviews For Shops in Phetchaburi


  1. JaneDoe March 31, 2024

    Finally, some recognition for Phetchaburi’s shops. They have some of the best strains I’ve tried in Thailand.

    • TommyG March 31, 2024

      Agreed, JaneDoe! The variety is amazing. Got myself some Sativa that was out of this world!

      • HighFlyer21 March 31, 2024

        Sativas are great there, but don’t sleep on their Indicas. Smooth as silk.

    • SkepticJim March 31, 2024

      Not sure I trust these shops to have consistent quality. Has anyone had a bad experience?

  2. GreenThumb777 March 31, 2024

    Does anyone feel like the prices are getting too high, no pun intended?

    • JaneDoe March 31, 2024

      You get what you pay for, GreenThumb777. Quality isn’t cheap.

    • BudgetSmoker March 31, 2024

      There are some cheaper options if you look around. Not everything good has to break the bank.

  3. ConcernedCitizen March 31, 2024

    Isn’t anyone worried about the impact of promoting cannabis culture in our community?

    • LibertyLover March 31, 2024

      Cannabis culture can be a positive aspect when approached responsibly. It’s about freedom of choice.

      • ConcernedCitizen April 1, 2024

        Freedom is one thing, but we need to consider public health and the message it sends to our youth.

    • MedicinalMike April 1, 2024

      You have to consider the medical benefits too. It’s not just recreational.

  4. TravelerJoe March 31, 2024

    Visiting Phetchaburi soon. Which shop should be my first stop?

    • LocalGuide April 1, 2024

      Check out Green Nirvana. Friendly staff and they really know their stuff.

      • Herbalist April 1, 2024

        Green Nirvana’s great, but don’t miss out on The Herbal Haven. Their edibles are top-notch.

    • BudgetTraveler April 1, 2024

      Anyone know which shop has the best deals?

  5. EcoWarrior April 1, 2024

    Are these shops eco-friendly? It’s important to support businesses that care about the environment.

    • GreenPeaceLover April 1, 2024

      Some shops definitely are, but it varies. Always best to ask them directly about their practices.

  6. CannaChef April 1, 2024

    Any shops stand out for their edible selections? I’m looking to explore beyond just smoking.

    • TasteTester April 1, 2024

      Sweet Sensations has a wide range of edibles. From cookies to gummies, they have it all.

      • HealthNut April 1, 2024

        Just make sure to check the dosage, especially for newbies. It’s easy to overdo it with edibles.

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