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A growing number of students come to China from Thailand

Even after the Chinese embassy reinstated the X1 visa in August, many students still couldn’t afford the trip. He stated that the group had chosen a charter flight to save money. The charity will send 260 kids to China on October 25. The company has scheduled the sixth journey for November 10. Teenagers must spend seven days alone and three days at home for health inspections before they can go outside or to school.

According to Chinese diplomat Han Zhiqiang, Thai students will be among the first to return to China whenever it reopens. Chinese students have just started attending classes again due to the coronavirus pandemic. Han declared in August that his educational counselors would help Thai students return home once Covid-19 was under control. Thai students will be among the first to return home, assuming the Chinese government permits it. There are signs that a large number of Thai students will start their studies again. The Thai-Chinese Students Association (TCSA), which made this announcement yesterday, states that 700 Thai students will continue their education on the mainland after COVID-19.

TCSA advisor Rhonnakorn Rojjanakatanyoo claims that since January, the group has helped Thai students return to China. In February, China issued long-term study visas to 75 Thai students. Only 75 students out of 1,000 applicants were accepted, but it was still an improvement over nothing since registration for the long-term study visa was not yet open. After a 14-day quarantine, the children had to spend a week at home or somewhere else in the city. On August 22, the Chinese embassy resumed issuing X1 visas for in-depth study. On September 20, 242 TCSA names who were recognized on the Chinese mainland boarded airplanes. 678 students are now free after the release of 232 students on Tuesday, according to Rhonnakorn.

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